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The “Usque Quo” Reblog

The “Usque Quo” Reblog

Eating And Drinking Their Own Damnation

I read around about more and more Dioceses issuing “instructions” about Fornicationis Laetitia which, in so many words, instruct sacrilege.

We see here the way the Evil Clown and his satanical helpers are proceeding: first you open the door for sacrilege in “exceptional” cases, then the exceptions become less and less exceptional, then you end by “a bit of bread can do no harm”.

There is nothing new, or genial, or even intelligent in this. It’s how it’s always done. Abortion and euthanasia were/are also promoted in the same way.

What surprises here is the stunning amount of Reprobates that must be walking on this vale of tears as I write this.

Reprobates are, by definition, those of whom the Lord has decreed, from all eternity, that they will freely choose to reject the graces offered to them. It is already established that they will rot in hell forever. However, it is also already established that they will be the ones meriting their horrible destiny.

The Lord has decreed that there be such. There is nothing you or I can do to change this, though of course it is our duty to collaborate with Grace to help the Elect (and hopefully, ourselves with them) toward salvation. But reprobates will be reprobates.

The apocalyptic events we are living seems to me like a movie the Angels and Saints are watching now, and all humanity will be watching one day; the movie showing how an astonishing number of sinners choose to damn themselves by doing, for reasons of pure love of self, what they jolly well know to be sacrilegious. Yes, these reprobates will choose to lie to themselves by saying that if the Bishop says they are fine (hey, it’s so difficult to be a proper Catholic, you know?) then who are they to judge? But again, they will think in this way exactly because they are Reprobates! I do not think there is one sinner who went to hell without a long list of excuses for his behaviour. However, he jolly well knows that they are excuses, no matter how hard he tries to persuade himself. The route of easy excuses has always been the route to damnation. Francis is nothing new in this, nor his being Pope has any bearing on the blatant promotion of sacrilege in which he is engaging.

Try to watch the movie from this earth, and observe the terrifying scene of so many adulterers marching toward hell together with their priests and bishops; with the cardinals in tow and, leading them all, the Pope. Certainly, the one or the other will repent in time and avoid the abyss; but vast majority of them will, thinking logically, not make it.

This Pope and those Reprobates are the sides of the same coin: Providence has disposed that a disgraceful generation be punished with a disgraceful clergy, the former and the latter helping each other to go to hell.

The amount of evil coming out from the mouth of the very Pope is a pretty good indicator of the scale of Reprobation in our generation. If it is decreed that so many will choose to damn themselves, it is fitting that this damnation be merited by them; and that, therefore, the reprobates be allowed to avail themselves of ample means to choose, with their actions and excuses, to damn themselves in huge numbers. This combination of widespread immorality and easy sacrilege is exactly what will damn many of them; together with countless priests, bishops, Cardinals and, methinks, the Evil Clown himself.

A strong, solidly Catholic clergy would allow many, even in corrupted times, to see the light by the grace of God. It appears this generation will, in great part, not have this grace. Reprobates must be very many, as we hear a Pope saying “she who is now he”.



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