The Lepanto Trilogy

The Lepanto Trilogy 

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  1. One little note on that first post (video) from 2010., which ended so:
    “…since the struggle to defend humanism is not over yet.”

    This never must be called humanism. Instead it should be called humans and Christianity or Christian Faith.
    We know that humanism is just a mask-word for a modern paganism.

    In the comment bellow the first post person with name “shane” said how he likes the resistance at mohammedans to modernism.
    – They don’t need modernism. Their disbelief have structure of killing of all those who are the “infidel” ones. Such devil’s pathological religion cannot be made modern, killing is killing, right? But hey, the use well the modern instruments for the same purpose, the bombs, machine-guns etc. instead knifes.

    Another note:
    “Satanas… per Mahumetum in Oriente, per Lutherum in Occidente, tantum incendium excitavit, quantum multis annis et magno labore restingui non poterit.” -St. Robert Bellarmine (Oratio in scholis habita)


    • “Thy foes have roared in the midst of thy holy place;
      they set up their own signs for signs.
      They set thy sanctuary on fire;
      to the ground they desecrated the dwelling place of thy name.
      How long, O God, is the foe to scoff?
      Is the enemy to revile thy name for ever?
      Why dost thou hold back thy hand,
      why dost thou keep thy right hand in thy bosom?”
      (Psalm 74, 4;7;10-11)

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