The Trump Outrage Competition

I wonder who will win the Trump Outrage Competition.

Will it be the racist Black Supremacist a la Black Lives Matter, who abet civil strife and excuse criminal behaviour to the point of fomenting insurrection?

Will it be the countless Blacks, and all those who pretend to be ashamed to be White, listening to utterly, utterly obscene rap “songs”?

Will it be the millions of wannabe feminists reading books like “Fifty shades of Grey”, and fantasising about a Trump grabbing their… Ryan day in and day out?

Will it be the members of the party who gave the US those wonderful examples of morality: John, Robert and Ted Kennedy?

Will it be the fans of the other wonderful example of spousal loyalty, Martin Luther King?

Or will it be the wife of the serial rapist, who has herself harassed and morally lynched the many victim of her inordinately, violently horny husband not because of spousal loyalty, but because of her unquenchable thirst for power?

The Trump Outrage Competition Participant should explain to us whether they think Kennedy, or MLK, or Bill Clinton, or Robert or Ted Kennedy were fit to be President, or presidential material.

I have seen some show of hypocrisy at my age; but what I have been experiencing in the last few days really has no precedent in rotten hypocrisy.


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  1. Agree completely. Particular shame on Republican politicians abandoning ship like the rats they are. Democrats always support one another regardless of their corrupt and illegal actions and behavior. You have to give them credit for that.

    And beyond all that, big money interests want Trump gone regardless of how it’s done. Big money interests control both the Republican and Democrat leadership. And should we mention also control the head of the Catholic Church. Welcome to the New World Order– It’s here now.

  2. Fr. Frank Pavone, founder and director of Priests for Life is not jumping ship. Here is a link to his comments re the ancient and private “locker room” conversation by then non-politician,
    Donald Trump:

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