If You Vote Clinton, You Are An Enemy Of Christ

Please spread this everywhere.

Do not allow those fake Catholics to lie to themselves (and to you) any longer.

This is not the bigotry of an individual, important to the Clinton campaign as she may be. This is the very mentality that informs all actions of Crooked Hillary.

Crooked Hillary has openly stated she would appoint a Supreme Court Justice that perpetuates abortion and sexual perversion. She said so openly. No Catholic, no Christian has any excuse.

This is way more than anti-Catholic bigotry. This is enmity with Christ.

Can’t imagine a situation in which the vote for such a vocal, open opponent of all that is virtuous cannot be a mortal sin.


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  1. Trump is the candidate of fallen humanity, including its all-to-human sins.

    Clinton is the candidate of the Devil. Her evil is inhuman and her sins un-natural.

  2. And yet, the one last bishop in whom I had a modicum of faith left, Bishop Paprocki, is giving Catholics a pass to stay at home on 8 November….

    • There is no V II bishop, not one, in which I now have faith. Possible exception for Schneider, but only partial.
      We are alone. We must fight the good fight without our shepherd. They have all abandoned the flock.

  3. There is more specific evidence of ILLary anti-Catholicism: (In Spanish) “The Clinton campaign manager proposed creating a revolt of Catholic ‘liberals’ against US bishops”:


    A good example of anti-Catholic attack by Gramscian techniques of political and moral subversion.

  4. Hillary Clinton said, when talking about “reproductive health”:
    “(…) And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

    Somehow Bergoglio did not step in, as he did in Donald Trump’s case, when the man spoke for protection of US sovereignty as candidate for president of the US – This is not Christian!
    Who is SHE to judge, and to change religious beliefs!? I am against a one-size-fits-all rule about free access to baby killing!

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