Scary Thoughts

I consider Rasmussen one of the very few polling agencies one can trust. Therefore, the events of the last week scared me not a little.

Rasmussen had Trump in front a couple of points before the “Pussy” tape. After the outrage of the weekend, Trump plunged up to seven points behind (they interview one third of the sample a day: therefore, it will need three days before a certain event is completely reflected in the polls). Trump rapidly recovered to only four point behind, then three. Today he is in front again.

What does this tell us? That even among the well-selected sample of Rasmussen, the combination of emotional news (He has said “pussy”! How lewd! My sons would never do that!”) and relentless MSM barrage (“this is the end then; he should retire his candidacy! He is finished! Finished, I tell you!”) had the effect of producing a big swing over a short period.

This is the scary part: some 8% or 9% of likely voters at least declare that they can be swayed the other way by something as irrelevantly stupid as what Trump says when he talks with his buddies in a relaxed, testosterone-laden atmosphere.

No, sorry.

Add “eleven years ago”.

It boggles the mind that the destinies of the First Power are so easily swayed. Particularly when you think how massive the amplifying effect of the MSM can be in the short term. A stupid event like the video has gone around the planet in hours. The daily revelations about the evil inclination of close Clinton collaborators – very much representative of her own mindset – struggle to take traction, as the MSM downplay the many accusation moved to Crooked Hillary and Consort.

One has to be really afraid that the MSM will profit from every “revelation” (“Trump stole a child's ice cream in 1977! I saw him myself!!!”) to get into full hysteria mode just two days before the elections. In two or three days – and without an extremely good debate performance to counter the negative effect – how can this move I do not say 8% or 9% (no: what people say to pollster is one thing, hiw they vote a different matter) but perhaps half or even one third of those figures? How scary is that?

I am encouraged by the fact that these kind of “revelations” tend to make less impression when repeated, and new tapes might be discounted, perhaps even ignored.

But the thought is scary nevertheless.


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  1. “It boggles the mind that the destinies of the First Power are so easily swayed.”
    That’s democracy… people are easily led. Most people are natural followers who do as is socially expected of them. Especially deracinated people who have been “educated” out of their natural common sense, and who do not know anything about their own history. And women, of course, as you noted earlier.

    He who controls information input controls election outcomes. A lesson Putin and Orban, wise as they are, have taken to heart. The necessary first step towards restoration is to remove the educational system and the media from the control of the globalists. Everything else will then follow naturally.

    • true. But in other cultures people aren’t swayed by the word “pussy” 11 years ago.
      There is a strong differentiation between the two candidates. The differences between them should be weighted more than any video or tape.

  2. The Left media and their GOPe vassals take to the airwaves and state relentlessly that “polls show the race is virtually over, practically unwinnable for Trump”. Yet they have to dredge up 6 or 7 fabricated incidents of Trump unauthorized touching of women from 35, 12 years ago. This is the 3rd or 4th time this same claim has been made over the past several months. I detect a very strong odor of desperation and a fear that a Trump turnout is going to be a very different phenomenon than any in modern US elections. The fact that the Left has to raise this slime, in a supposedly decided race, tells me they are very unsure which women will turnout, more moderate to conservative women or more pliable single women.

    • My suspicion is that the Dems have their own private polls, and these private polls are telling them a story they don’t want you to know.

  3. according to todays Rasmuessen poll Trump is up by two. Rush Limbaugh had all kinds of positive news about Trump today. You should check out his site

  4. It is scary! What’s even more concerning is the proxy war going on in the Middle East between Russia and the United States (Putin recalling overseas diplomats ) and yet the msm is more concerned about the fact Trump said some dirty words years ago

  5. The First Power has been plagued by an infestation of Modernism, mainly socialism, for decades now. They have invaded the school systems. Similar to the Hitler Youth, you unfortunately get the Stalin Youth. They have been brainwashed to believe their religious parents were fools, and thus they were the intelligent ones. The unfortunate thing is the great grip of power possessed by the propaganda teams of the state-run media. The ultimate level of control has gripped it. It has become an entertainment society, where the god is self. Less often is there visiting with friends and speaking in groups. Easy access propaganda news and entertainment is the bulk of what is absorbed. Quite frankly, it scares me.

    • Load of bullcrap.

      We need people like Assad in the Middle East. It’s the only way to keep the Muslim hordes in check.

      Putin gets it right. The West wets its pants. As always.


  6. Just a few positives on Trump. I live in Chicago suburbs, a liberal, Godless wasteland. All the many houses that had Obama yard signs in 2008 and 2012 are empty now there are only 2 Hillary signs in the neighborhood where there were dozens of Obama signs before. There is much more support of Trump than the liberal media is giving us, just look at the thousands at Trump rallys compared to a few dozen drinking the Clinton Koolaid. I think if the election was honest Trump would win in a landslide. The most frightening however is how the Democrats work to steel elections. Some interesting information from Limbaugh on the O’Keef movie.

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