Meet Hillary, The Dyke Candidate


Lyrics: “Imagine there’s no White House/ It isn’t hard to do…”


After the First Gay Mulatto, the United States might have the First Dyke

Not sure if she would fully qualify as “First Woman President”. We would have to ask some good priest.  

It is very telling that the young dyke felt attracted to, of all people, the Very Epitome Of The Great Bitch. If you asked around which woman in the US is more hateful than Hillary, I bet a lot of people would answer “Yoko Ono” without hesitation.

Now, let us look at the implications of this:

Trump may be a tad on the bragging, testosterone-laden side. But his weakness goes with nature.

Hillary is more than a tad on the bitchy side. And her bitchiness is clearly against nature.

What is worse? A man producing himself in some locker room braggadocio, or a Dyke at the White House?

Still, do you think this will damage Crooked Dyke much? I doubt it. People who tell themselves “Christian” and are willing to overlook one million babies killed in the womb every year will certainly not change their mind because the Crooked Bitch is also a dyke. That’s the kind of  “Christians” they are. As for the liberals, being a pervert isn’t a problem for them, so they will profit to feel good with themselves again. 

I hope Trump pounds on this, though, very hard. It may take some black vote out of the Crooked Witch. Apparently, they are starting to discover Hillary does not care a straw for them anyway. 




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  1. I am not sue what I am going to say is true, and I am not sure it is not sinful to say it, but here it comes: Allegedly the crooked Hillary used little girls for genital pleasures. I read about it years ago. The way to form own opinion about this grandma, who supports the killing of babies as progress of humanity, and indoctrination of little children with alleged goodness of unnatural, evil pleasures, as education, would be to google words such as: eat, now, me, god, Hillary, oh.

  2. Just thinkin’, all these years J. Assange has been out there dropping secrets of the US Gov & Military and no one touches him, but start being effective against Hillary and it looks like the hammer falls. And another thing, check Mahound’s take:

  3. Considering how stupid most neo-catholics are today, little wonder sociopathic parasites such as the Clintons proliferate on the Earth, although they are particularly nasty versions.

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