Meet A Feminist

Usual libtard feminist posts the usual crap in my comment box. She insults me in various ways. Then, during the day, she writes several other comments demanding that I publish her comments. I see this morning the original insults, and the following ones. 

These people are stupid beyond belief. More to the point, they are so in love with themselves that they expect their defecation to be published, because… why, actually?

And not even some patience. No. They must see their excrement published.. now! 

“Feminist” is the superlative of “Stupid”.

It’s sad to say so, but there is some collateral advantage in them aborting themselves at such pace. 




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  1. And it for this reason the 19th Amendment must be repealed or rewritten to require voter aptitude.

  2. One of my sons refers to it as ‘natural selection’ which is sad (and funny at the same time).

  3. Today en my country (Argentina) there is a one-hour women strike, followed by manifestations in public places (like squares, parks and so on). They ask for more securitiy because the number or murdered women in our country is steadily increasing. This is a real fact and their demand iscorrect. The problem is that most of the ones (not all) who ask for better protection por their lives at the same time ask for “legal and free abortion”, gender ideology, etc. So, they are a walking contradiction. Of course, I will not sum up to this peculiar strike.

  4. Sorry you have to deal with that, M. People are so confused- to a level that is just unbelievable in its ignorance and malice…they really seem not worth the time to respond.

  5. She can’t believe that there still exist (and are still legal) spaces not supportive, unfriendly, therefore unsafe to the so called self-esteem of militant baby killers on account of their unbridled right to experience orgasms, to the deviant (motherhood loathing) self-obsessed, viciously barking female dogs in distress.

    In universities, where some women and courageous men sometimes still attempt to speak about these victims of own stupidity, they pull fire alarms on them, but here – they are beside themselves. You dare not to publish their excrement, and no paid agitators come to rescue the “damsel”. Demands and threats simply go quietly unanswered.

    May you keep not publishing it for a long time. You are doing us and them a huge favour.

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