Pray That Trump May Win


Please, Lord….


I read around that we should pray that the candidate wins, whose chances of salvation are improved by his victory. I disagree. 

Every soul is infinitely important, but what is at stake here is a bit more than the souls of the two candidates. Not only 330 million souls will be, one way or the other, impacted by the results of this election; but also countless others, from Western Europe – always influenced by the events the other side of the Ocean – to many poor African Countries whose anti-Christian bullying will continue unabated.

May Trump, and even Crooked Dyke, save their soul. I wish them well. But their own ultimate destiny – which is, by the way, already decreed in heaven – is not the matter here.

It would be better that Trump wins even if the man will end up in a very deep pit in hell because of unrepented sins. It would be better that Clinton loses even if she were, in hypothesis, to see the light and die at peace with the Lord before she dies.

Clinton is an epochal threat for the Christian West. She is a bomb under the chair of Christian Civilisation. Compared to this, her ultimate destiny pales into insignificance.

Trump is, perhaps, the last hope to ever revert the course of the XXI Century and go back to sanity at least in part. He will be forced to promote Christian values by simple, elementary political interest. How many women he will “grab by the Ryan” has no bearing on this. 

Let us not lose sight for what is at stake here. It’s much more than a freaking dyke. 

Pray that Trump may win. Pray every day, as intensely as you can. Do penance. Pray more. 

And if you get a bad night, full of dreams that Trump has lost (as just happened to me) order this book,  and vow to keep fighting until the Lord in His goodness releases us from this vale of tears.




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  1. I read around also and I agree with you regarding the reason it is essential that Hillary does not win the election, and also with your hope and prayer that both candidates save their souls.
    It seems extremely more likely however that Trump’s soul , rather than Hillary’s would become more inclined in the ways of God during a presidential term , since he already has turned away from his pro-abortion stance and is working with faithful Catholics to abolish abortion and appoint good US supreme court justices. Hillary has chosen an unfaithful Catholic for a running mate and has experience in working with heretical Catholics US politicians, and one can only surmise , Clergymen as well. Hillary has stated her desire and intention to try to change the laws of God and the Church to conform to her erroneous conscience.

  2. Agree. This election is transformational spiritual moment.

  3. A friend reminded me that Constantine didn’t convert and be baptized until he was on his deathbed, yet look what he did for Christianity! We MUST pray for Trump’s victory as well as his conversion!

  4. Every Catholic citizen has a duty to vote. People need to get over their “Holier than thou” abstention from voting because they can’t find a “pure” enough candidate. Everyone has flaws and each of us has had a private conversation at some point that we would not want recorded and publicized. Sitting this election out means a vote for Hillary. Hillary as president means a third-term of Bill Clinton, the impeached president and pathological womanizer. But Hillary is even worse than the husband she enables. She has serious control and dominance psychological issues. Electing Hillary will mean a slow death to our constitutional rights and freedoms by her appointment of liberal Supreme Court justices. Trump is the first candidate to provide a list of conservative Supreme Court picks and he has sound economic, defense, and immigration policies. Hillary doesn’t have concrete plans. She talks in empty cliches and meaningless platitudes. She can’t point to any important accomplishments in all her thirty years of political life. Her biggest accomplishment is her marriage of convenience which got her where she is today. She can only promise a repeat of Obama’s disasters.

    But as bad as that is what really scares me about her is that she will have control of our nuclear weapons. I believe this is the ultimate power she craves because deep down she is just plain evil. A nuclear war with Russia means the end of life as we know it. And then no one has to worry about their children or grandchildren because there won’t be any. Sorry, Mundabor, about the length of my comment. This is such an important matter!

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