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All Hail The Don: Mundabor’s Guide To The Third Debate



1) Trump has clearly won. From what I have seen his best performance, too. On the attack, but poised. Measured but focused. Presidential.

2) Trump is absolutely right in refusing to write a blank cheque to the Democrats, no matter the extent of the electoral fraud. Let the Country know that he is no Romney, and things will be monitored, as far as possible, closely. Also, let the fraudulent Democrats know they will be aggressively pursued and exposed., and will risk jail. It motivates a lot even among Democrats.

3) The MSM are, predictably, going bonkers with Trump's above mentioned refusal. Let them. The more hysteric they become, the more this will expose them.

4) The MSM hysteria is not working as much as the powers that be hoped it would. After two weeks of Trump hysteria, as the MSM routinely ignore – or substantially ignore – the daily revelations against the Clintons' Evil Machine (and her personal sexual perversion!), Drudge has two interesting links: one shows TIPP gives Trump in front, the other that they were the most accurate in 2012. This, after two weeks of purest Trumpphobia. Imagine where Trump would be now if the MSM had not been so obscenely biased.

5) Trump makes mistakes. But he learns from them fast, and reacts brilliantly and resolutely. After the first debate we had a clear improvement in the second, and another one in the third. This is a very smart guy, and one that can improve with the time. Presidential material. I wish he had more humility.

6) Let the effeminate journalist scream as much as they want. Let the idiot at “Fox” blather that Trump alienated women by calling Crooked Hillary “nasty woman”. It's so transparent it's embarrassing. A lot of people resolutely refuse to believe this rubbish.

7) Let the polls (the bed ones) scream Hillary's “advantage”. The “remain” camp was given as victorious in June by pretty much everyone. It surely helped “Leave” to win. For every tepid Trump supporter that stays home because they think Trump has lost, two Dems might be glad to stay home and avoid voting for a woman they despise.

8) The Cross does not advance only through the work of saints. It also advances through the work of sinners. Constantine wasn't a terribly nice guy. All those rulers who converted themselves and their tribe to Christianity in England and elsewhere did not become ascetic living saints because of it. God also uses sinners to fulfil His own plans.

9) Pray. Pray and do penance. Then pray some more.




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