There You Go Again

Pope Francis has made another show of impiety, arrogance and utter stupidity , and at times I don’t know whether I should comment on this or just ignore the old git, as the rest of the planet (minus Soros operatives) is clearly doing.

What strikes you in Francis’ malevolent words is not only the monotonous insisting on his favourite issue (“Catholics are Pharisees, I side with the adulterers”), but the stunning stupidity of first saying “who am I to judge” referred to evil behaviour and then go on for years insulting the proper one.

At this point I do not know whether he thinks that, by insisting on this rubbish for years, he will persuade more people. Rather, I think this is just a man with a very weak intellect and not many ideas – all of them wrong – inside it, so that to him repeating them again and again is a way to appear smart. Do you remember those old peasants, who were there in every village, going on and on and on about those two or three peeves of them? Francis is exactly like them, with the addition of microphones and subservient journalists.

The good of all this – if we really want to start such an exercise – is that at this point the Pollyannas, no matter how stupid, are rapidly marching towards extinction. Anyone who, at this point, agrees with a Pope who has done nothing but insult Catholics for years clearly has a problem with Catholicism.

In normal circumstances I would say that one must patiently wait that the Lord sends this man to his judgment and pray that the next one will be at least a Catholic. But the circumstances are not normal. I am very much afraid that Francis will be succeeded on the Throne of Peter by Francis II Schoenborn, Francis III Cupich and Francis IV Tagle. We must be strong and prepare ourselves for this kind of madness for as long as the Lord has given us to live; ready to be very pleasantly surprised if this scourge were to go to an end in our lifetime, but equipped for whatever punishment we may have to endure.  

Imagine a world with Hillary as President and Francis as Pope. Basically, a full-scale satanic attack on everything that is holy.

When we have no one to turn to we turn to Christ, and implore the Blessed Virgin that she may intercede for us and obtain the end of this mess.

There is, in the end, some good in having an old git as Pope.


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