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Polls: Reality Is Catching Up With The Lies.

Yours truly observes the reality on the ground: the absolutely massive crowds for Trump, and the huge enthusiasm they show, compared with the dismal number of activists recruited in some way by Crooked Lesbian Hitlery Clinton and that pathetic veep candidate of hers. Hitlery herself can’t even be seen around, either because of her failing health or because she hates common people, or both.

You would think Trump is on its way to a landslide.

But then you read polls giving Hitlery in front up to 12 percent, and you wonder whether the polls are wrong, or reality.

My bet is on the polls.

I have read around Gallup gave Carter some 8 points in front one week or so before the 1980 election, when Reagan galloped all over Carter with his trusted horse, twice. You see, polls could be massively wrong even when the electorate was far more predictable, and the pollsters certainly less biased than in this absolutely scandalous,obscenely Bulgarian year.

This year, most MSM and their subservient pollsters are doing exactly what John Podesta asked them to do: oversample Democrats, women, young voters and minorities and hey presto, your “it’s over” narrative it’s cooked and served. Alas, it seems to me we have to do here with a bunch of people who are either trying to curry favours with their own editors and owners, or else too stupid to realise that voters read the polls, but they don’t believe them.

Then we have the facts, and the facts are already starting to tell a different tale: Florida early voting numbers per 10/25 already indicate that some 0.5% registered Republicans more than registered Democrats have used either the postal or the early vote option. This would be very good news in itself, but it’s even better if you consider the following:

Polls have consistently indicated that Trump is getting more votes from registered Democrats than Hitlery from effeminate RINOs. Therefore, you must increase the lead.

Trump is generally believed to get more votes among Independents. Add here another percentage point or two, at the least.

Democrats have traditionally used early vote as a way to mobilise their otherwise “too lazy to move my fat ass” electorate. It is not working this year. Watch Trump’s advantage increase at the end of the ballot period, as more Whites and more Independents go to the polls.

It seems a common observation that not only less Blacks are voting, but less of them are voting Democrat. Even the vastly oversampled, biased polls of the likes of Bloomberg cannot avoid telling the tale: Blacks will be voting for Hitlery in their Sixties or Seventies percent; she need at the very least Ninety plus to have a hope, and she is still in trouble because it will be 90% of less than it used to be in the times of the Gay Mulatto. Is it not reasonable to assume that among the very registered Democrats who vote in Florida and elsewhere there will be a number of people who have voted Trump, but prefer not to say it because of their prevalently Democratic environment?

However you put it, though – and it’s admittedly early days – the Florida figures already show a vastly different reality than the done Hitlery deal spread by the worst pollsters only one week ago. The figures show a vast alignment to somewhere between a tight race with perceivable Trump advantage and a possible Trump landslide. Good luck motivating to vote your fat ass handout recipients in the last days, Hitlery.

I am now guessing that predictions of a “tight race” will become more common in the next days. No pollster, no matter how much sold out to Hitlery, wants to be caught with his trousers full of Obama when Election Day comes. They will have to adjust their polls to the reality on the ground, or face loss of business next time.

Reality is catching up with the lies, fast.


Be Vigilant, And Prefer A Paper Ballot

News from Texas reaches us that in several cases, the electronic voting machine switched the vote to Clinton after the voter had chosen Trump. I can't imagine that these are isolated cases. Therefore, I invite all my readers to

pay attention that the machine confirms Trump before the vote confirmation,

Spread the word about the possibility of fraud and let all their friend and acquaintances know about it,


Ask for a paper ballot whenever possible.

I am, as all my readers know, no friend of conspiracy theories; but in the US the tradition of vote fraud has been constant – if probably never decisive – for many decades, and this is not the time to be relaxed about it.

I want to hope that there are robust safeguards in place for what happens after your electronic vote was given (and it is fairly easy to have them with a paper ballot), but there can be no doubt that if your machine releases a Clinton vote for a Trump one that vote will go to Hitlery, full stop.

Be very vigilant. Warn everyone. Defend the democratic institutions of your Country for what is in your power.

And pray.

And then pray more.





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