Fundamental Distinctions

The modern age is, as I have often pointed out, a strange mixture of godlessness and Puritanism. It is, if you prefer, an age of wordly bigotry.

The same people who have no qualm in knowing that one million babies are killed in their mother's womb, in the US only, every year will be scandalised at knowing that a man, talking with other men, used inappropriate words eleven years before. Many of the same men and women engaged in adultery at some point in their life, but hey, that's pursuit of happiness and doesn't count. You must merely avoid to touch the dogmas of the XXI Century (carrying flowering names like “reproductive rights” or “marriage equality”) and you will be fine.

There is a fundamental distinction between being bad and being evil. A person can commit grave sins out of weakness, but this does not make him evil. An evil person promotes the commission of grave sins, encourages them, celebrates them.

Even if Hitlery were a model of personal integrity and sexual propriety (which the corrupt lesbian certainly isn't), she would still be evil, because she promotes and defends all sort of very grave sins.

This is not the case by the other candidate; who, by and large, is committed to the defence of God-willed behaviour in many, though not all, circumstances. Trump can have all sorts of private weaknesses, and Hitlery might have had all sorts of private virtues. Still, the former would still be merely bad, and the latter would still be astonishingly evil.

This obvious distinction is lost on our stupid age. The very concept of sin is also lost. Sin is, for now the vast majority of the population, not something that offends God, but something that offends them. Noone wonders whether, perchance, Trump's women actually liked having their Ryan grabbed by him (believe this male: they damn well did). God is, for them, obviously out of the picture. But the God of Political Stupidity has been offended, and this is unpardonable.

We mock the people of the Middle Ages, or the peasants of our grandparents' time, as ignorant; but we live in an age of utter stupidity and inability to make the simplest distinctions, even as we drown in an ocean of cheap, effeminate emotionalism.

The recovery of decency must perforce be preceded by the recovery of sane reasoning. We will never have the former without the latter. If we can't think straight, we will never be able to judge (yes: judge) well.




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  1. And where may we ask are our dear Bishops in all of this. Well, could it be, they are hiding behind their “virtues” of tolerance and a desire not to upset their congregations and the flow of funds. One would assume that if they can’t bring themselves to condemn the Princess of Darkness, aka Hillary, they wouldn’t condemn the devil himself if he were to be a Democrat candidate. The reason this country is in the fix it is, is due in large measure to the failure of the Bishops to stand up for the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

    Remembering a few words of our Lord. “you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”
    Revelation 3:16

  2. I am a fairly average female who has worked throughout my adult life in fields more or less dominated by males. I have never had a problem keeping a correct professional distance. The men I work with know very well how badly any advance might go. And it is not because I am homely. Women do not have to accept inappropriate advances from men; if they do, it is because as you say, they like it, or there is something to be got (money?) or kept (a job?) from it. Which makes them as complicit in the behavior as the offending male.

    • Very well said.

      I will add to that a truth that all women know, but has become taboo to say now: that there are two kind of women.

      Whilst the first kind (the vast majority) are typically restrained in sexual matters, a clearly existent minority sees men as object of conquest. The slut who sleeps with Trump knows she will have bragging rights with her sluts girlfriends for the rest of her life. This, the feminist press never says.


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