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In Jail Together

No visitation rights, Bill….


For those of you who haven’t followed, this article has a succinct explanation of Servergate. However, Servergate and the attached criminal offences (the obstruction of justice later, if not also the criminal negligence earlier) clearly committed by Hitlery and her accomplices are, at the moment, possibly not the biggest problem of Hitlery. I would count at least other two.

Firstly, the news now emerged that the Clinton Foundation has clearly been under investigation all the time. This will be huge fun to watch, and implicates Bill and (to a far lesser extent, I think) Chelsea, too.

Secondly, the very recent official confirmation that Hillary was given questions from the audience in advance, and shamelessly used them in her Primary debates. This is a smoking gun. This is officially being caught cheating. The CNN now tries some damage limitation. Only a Libtard could think they were not OK with all this.

Flashback for Italian readers: the events of these weeks (and particularly the vast acceleration since Friday) remind me of the weeks leading to the demise of Bettino Craxi and, with him, the factual annihilation of the Italian Socialist Party. The dynamics are exactly the same, and the eruption of popular rage whilst only the corrupt, the interested and the outright idiots try to defend the indefensible is following the same pattern. As it happened in Italy then, lesser fishes will now be helped to survive in order for the bigger fishes (old Bill not excluded) to get caught. Wiener is collaborating with the FBI. He has no interest in protecting Huma or Hitlery. He will be very motivated in protecting himself.

A pervert and his possibly lesbian wife, alone, could shoot the Clinton Clan down. Imagine the possibilities!

We are witnessing more than a politician’s setback. We are witnessing a revolution.

The Witch of the West is not dead yet.

But boy, she is in trouble.




No Doug Stamper, This One

The photo showing Huma Amedin in tears is worth an awful lot of words.

The woman probably knows a lot of Clinton Clan secrets. She has worked for Hitlery both as campaign associate and foundation employee. Actually, I read around, she did this at the same time. The female must know an awful lot.

Her immunity deal is clearly out of the window. Jail is now a concrete possibility. If – and we all know this is not a big “if” – she has information that would compromise, or destroy, or even jail Hitlery and her husband, she will be put in front of the choice between going down herself or throw the old hag out of the window, as she richly deserves.

This is as if Doug Stamper was about to be investigated around everything Frank Underwood and him have done for many, many years.

Alas for Hillary, this crying woman does not seem to have much of the Doug Stamper in her.

Interesting days ahead.



Everybody’s Boss

Today is, in the old calendar – and therefore, in ours – the Feast of Christ the King.

The aspect that strikes me most of this feast is this: the reminder that Christ is everyone's boss. Powerful or humble, rich or poor, Christian or Heathen, all will be judged by Him.

The ISIS warlord, the British MP, the US President may think – either because they don't believe, or because they are infidels, or because they are just dumb – that they will not have to answer to Christ for their actions, but they will. I shiver when I think of those British MPs and so-called Lords who have voted for the abomination of the so-called same sex marriage. The more so, as the vast majority of them seems so uncaring or “blissfully” unaware of what they are doing. It will not help them one bit when they die.

What will happen to a US President who speaks of pregnancy in term of “punishment”, abortion in terms of “reproductive rights”, and the glorification of sexual perversion in terms of “marriage equality”?

Today is the day meant to remind not only all of us, but also the likes of him, of the destiny that awaits him unless he repents.

Take heed, David Cameron. Take heed, Barack Obama. You may think that your death will be either annihilation or some sort of Muslim afterlife, but you will be bitterly surprised.

Christ is your King, too.


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