Everybody’s Boss

Today is, in the old calendar – and therefore, in ours – the Feast of Christ the King.

The aspect that strikes me most of this feast is this: the reminder that Christ is everyone's boss. Powerful or humble, rich or poor, Christian or Heathen, all will be judged by Him.

The ISIS warlord, the British MP, the US President may think – either because they don't believe, or because they are infidels, or because they are just dumb – that they will not have to answer to Christ for their actions, but they will. I shiver when I think of those British MPs and so-called Lords who have voted for the abomination of the so-called same sex marriage. The more so, as the vast majority of them seems so uncaring or “blissfully” unaware of what they are doing. It will not help them one bit when they die.

What will happen to a US President who speaks of pregnancy in term of “punishment”, abortion in terms of “reproductive rights”, and the glorification of sexual perversion in terms of “marriage equality”?

Today is the day meant to remind not only all of us, but also the likes of him, of the destiny that awaits him unless he repents.

Take heed, David Cameron. Take heed, Barack Obama. You may think that your death will be either annihilation or some sort of Muslim afterlife, but you will be bitterly surprised.

Christ is your King, too.


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  1. Very good. If you read the signs of the times He may be paying us a visit sooner than you think.

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