No Doug Stamper, This One

The photo showing Huma Amedin in tears is worth an awful lot of words.

The woman probably knows a lot of Clinton Clan secrets. She has worked for Hitlery both as campaign associate and foundation employee. Actually, I read around, she did this at the same time. The female must know an awful lot.

Her immunity deal is clearly out of the window. Jail is now a concrete possibility. If – and we all know this is not a big “if” – she has information that would compromise, or destroy, or even jail Hitlery and her husband, she will be put in front of the choice between going down herself or throw the old hag out of the window, as she richly deserves.

This is as if Doug Stamper was about to be investigated around everything Frank Underwood and him have done for many, many years.

Alas for Hillary, this crying woman does not seem to have much of the Doug Stamper in her.

Interesting days ahead.



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  1. I was struck by the icy glare emitting from Hillary in this pic. On the stump today she called the reopening of the case by the FBI a decision to simply look at the emails of “one of my staffers.” These two have been together for 20 years but the contempt of Hillary’s countenance is telling. It personifies the utilitarian nature of relationships in the world of the socialist idealogues. Behold, the rats are turning on each other.

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