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Once In Royal David’s City

Cardinal Lehmann Mad, Or Drunk, Or Heretic, Or All Three

In a further demonstration of how far the cancer of Modernism has spread within the highest ranks of the Church, One Peter Five reports, in an article about the Dubia, this stunning affirmation of Cardinal Lehmann. 

“For that matter, what, then, is hindering us from taking married deacons – who perform a great service in the Church – and then ordaining them so that they may also take over priestly duties?”

The easy answer to this is “Church discipline and what would happen to such a bishop afterwards, you old nincompoop”. The more elaborate answer is: “why are you still allowed to wear your red habit? Nay, your priestly habit?”

A retired Cardinal inviting his colleagues to such acts of open disobedience has no business whatsoever being a priest, much less a bishop, much less a Cardinal. 

And a hypocrite, too. The man never performed such an act of open disobedience when he was intent in climbing the ladders of the hierarchy, but he now wonders what prevents any of his German colleagues from being immediately suspended and, likely, kicked out altogether eventually.  

This man was made a Bishop in 1983, and then a Cardinal in 2001, by John Paul the Not-So-Great. He was, by the way, at the head of the German Bishop’s conference. Goats and gardeners come to mind. 

The cancer has been spreading for a long time. 

This man should be invited to retract his scandalous affirmations or being defrocked. But hey, in the time of FrancisMercy this seems somewhat improbable. 


We Three Kings

Away In A Manger

#MAGA Monday: The Whole NBC Enchilada!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening browsing through this, and comparing it with my own experience. 7 P.M. Eastern Time was Midnight here in the UK, so I could easily compare the unfolding of the events on NBC with my own night, spent (without closing an eye, and I will remember this until the day I die) on much better informed sites until victory became a factual certainty, and then switching to the MSM coverage to enjoy watching them cringe.

Those who followed the event with people who knew what they were talking about (Sundance at The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse is a prime example, but I also found the NYT county-by-county live “map” report extremely useful) knew Florida was clearly gone around 9:20 P.M. Eastern time. The NBC people kept talking about Michigan, but they completely slept on Pennsylvania and Wisconsin turning Republican, which they discovered (or pretended to discover) way too late in the evening. They also clearly stopped talking about Florida when the facts had already spoken, but they did not want to admit the inevitable. It was deception every minute of it, carefully veiled at the start and more and more panicked (and resentful) later. 

You can have a lot of fun watching here how the events unfolded and the tide supposedly turned (“turned” for them, I mean. I went into the night knowing from the start Trump was the favourite). You can also clearly notice how the relatively neutral tone at the beginning of the night turns increasingly more bitter as the events belie the leftist narrative. Insults to Trump start to abound after it becomes clear he is winning *big*, and every pretense of impartial journalism is abandoned by many of the blabbering heads. 

One last thing I would like to note, as it seems to me it has not been sufficiently reported. 

John Podesta appears and says every last vote must count. You would think this is the result of the  decision to wait that all votes are counted before conceding. However, pretty much at the same time as Podesta was speaking Hitlery was calling Trump to… concede. The cowardly dyke had decided to lie once again, to her own biggest fans! She wanted to have the control of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, but she could not face people who have donated a lot of time, money and effort to her and tell her she has lost. The reports that she sobbed hysterically for hours, had to be restrained when she tried to physically attacking Podesta and got drunk appear entirely realistic. 

Still, one should be gracious to the loser. Therefore, I will limit myself to saying that Hillary Clinton is a huge piece of shit. 

Enjoy the video, and come back to see it again when you feel like it. Browse around, pick a time, jump back and forth, and literally enjoy the show…


Time For Francis To Start Wearing A Grey Habit.



Seriously, who can have any doubt that Francis promotes heresy day in and day out? This is the last one I have read (I wish I could cope with everything).

When a Pope says that a theologina investigated for (obvious) heresy and strong opposition to Humanae Vitae   

was the “first to start looking for a new way to help moral theology to flourish again.”

how can you be in any doubt this is Modernist claptrap meant to do exactly one thing: promote what the Church condemns?

If he is so tired of “Black and White”, the man should start wearing a grey habit. Then, everyone would see he wears his own theology on himself.

I am truly sick and tired of this evil man. 




Courtesy of Father Z’s blog.


O Holy Night

#MAGA Sunday: “Literally Shaking” Edition

This is a good one: virtue-signalling libtard right at the start, followed by aggressive, very vulgar, possibly drunk losers (male urgently needs a diet). Not-so-shocking example of Black racism (may I say that on the Internet? Oh, Trump won! So yes, I still can…)  from 1:22 (you can skip the shocked libtard woman before that) and brilliant commentary from 1:55. At 3:45, self-centered millennial hopes we notice her tits, followed by an extremely rare, honest MSM commentary from 5:06. As we move towards the end, we are treated to the shock (also for the viewers) of a clearly homosexual obese male from 7:21. Following, a literally devastated SJW from 7:44 (she wants to show some cleavage, too) who should try to have a female boss for a change and tells us that she “thinks right” but then, always crying, surprisingly says she “chooses Donald Trump”because “it will always be a man’s world” (hilarious, but truthful hidden desire for male guidance; there might be hope for this one…)

At 8:39 you get the long, vulgar rant of the telecom SJW desperately trying to get some… Ryan with a show of passion so big, his belly shakes. No, it won’t work. Note he uses the F word so much, you know he wishes he were Black.

Dulcis in fundo, the pathetic spectacle of Obama mirroring Trump’s “manspreading” in order not to appear like the miserable fag he is in the presence of The Donald, who oozes manliness from every pore as Gay Mulatto desperately tries to appear statesmanlike in front of the one who will destroy his disgraceful “legacy”.







Please Pray For John Vennari



I received the comment below from reader GeneticallyCatholic. John Vennari’s CFN page does not have the message (you understand why by reading the message).

I post this as a blog post hoping that other blogs will do the same. 

Please pray for John Vennari. 



John Vennari Scheduled for Surgery Saturday Morning
Requesting Prayers

This is a note to tell my friends that I have to go into surgery on Saturday morning, November 26.

Cancer is a nasty beast, and it has caused an obstruction in the GI that must be addressed immediately. Immediately.

As noted already, my case has been serious from the start, and this latest problem came to a head at the same time I returned from three weeks of cancer treatment in Mexico.

I am presently not able to update my CFN webpage (I write this note from the hospital). I was blessed to receive the Sacrament of Extreme Unction this afternoon.

Please feel free to forward and/or post this, along with the link below that provides background and info for those who wish to share prayerful and financial support.

Thank you for all your prayers and support up until now. Please pray and ask others to pray, especially communities of religious and convents of nuns.

Am I am a little afraid of surgery? Who wouldn’t be? But I place my trust in Our and Our Lady, and take heart from all the kindness and concern I’ve received. Your outpouring of love has been astounding.

I may not be able to update for a few days.

Thank you.

John Vennari
Editor, CFN

Evil, Genocidal Communist Bastard Undeservedly Dies In His Bed And Meets His Maker. Catholics Say A Prayer For His Soul.



The news of the death of one of the most despicable bastards ever to disgrace the face of the disgraceful XX Century (and a part of the XXI) reached me this morning. Suddenly, it was clear why the air seemed somewhat cleaner and fresher.

I have read somewhere the death toll of this genocidal son of a Communist whore ranges anywhere between around 35,000 and around 140,000, with a more likely scenario anywhere in the middle Seventy Thousand. It’s a lot of people for a Country like Cuba. Actually, it would be a lot of people for a Country like China.

As the tributes to the Evil Communist Bastard pour in (our own Commie in Chief, Jeremy Corbyn, has just vomited his own praise) I think it is very fitting to remind every Catholic of a brutal truth of life: when a pig dies it does not become a lamb. It becomes pork.

 Fidel Castro was an evil man by every imaginable standard, and he was an evil man to the very end. There is no trace in his public interventions (which continued to appear, sporadically, almost to his very end) that he saw the light, though he did not hesitate in taking Catholicism hostage for his own ends (like another man who amply deserves the same adjectives in the title, without “genocidal”). The probability that Satan had a special Welcome Committee for his new guest is very high.

We Catholics do not forget, not even on this day – least of all on this day – the dastadly acts of the bastard. We do not indulge in effeminate “forgive and forget”. We counter react to the praises that will be poured on the Bastard from all over the planet. We call a pig a pig, and a dead pig pork. We don’t shut up just because the pork has finally gone to his judgment. We know that, it life were fair, Fidel Castro would have been ignominiously executed a long time ago, instead of dying in his bed. 

Still, as Catholics we know that even the soul of an evil bastard like Fidel Castro has infinite value. We know that the Lord (antecedently) desired the salvation of even the likes of him. We know that his poor Guardian Angel made every attempt, to the very end, to save his soul.

We know – and, as Catholics, we must hope for him – that God’s Mercy can be tapped on until the very end; the thought that this evil bastard might have repented in the end and merited Purgatory should inspire in us a sentiment of hope, and should make us rejoice. It should, also, be for us a reason for moderate optimism, letting us reflect that if God pleased to save such a one the probabilities for us, average wretched sinners, might be a tad better than we thought.

One Castro dealt with, one to go.

One day, every bastard must die.






Black Friday In… The U.K.

England does not have Thanksgiving, but it has Black Friday. Actually, it has a lot of Black Friday sales starting before Black Friday. The name must have caught up among women as the very epitome of heroic shopping challenge.

In the meantime, Advent is about to begin. Most Englishmen would seriously struggle if asked to tell you what Advent is. But they would (men as well as women) expand without any difficulty if asked whether they got drunk at last year’s Christmas Party.

If they made a survey asking how many people know what Advent and Black Friday are, I would not be surprised if the second won big.

Today, in England, is Black Friday.

Truly, a good example of the bleak, factually post-Christian UK.


The Root Of The Heresy Wars



Pontiac Aztek, the Official Car Of Vatican II 

In one hundred years, when the current madness has hopefully already vanished, Church historians will examine the turbulent events of the past, the (I am imagining here) declaration of the Pope as a heretic that happened during 2017 and the long, hard battle that ensued.

In examining the causes, I think they will find three as the main ones, and I think they will order them in order of importance. If I am right, they will do it in this order. 

The third most important was, I think they will say, the desire of millions of Kirchensteuer-paying non-faithful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to receive Communion. Not, mind, because they believe in Transubstantiation, but for reasons of small town respectability (in Germany, “small town” is almost everywhere; even in big towns). These are the biggest block of Countries contributing to the Vatican coffers. Their Cardinals and Bishops carry a weight disproportionate to their numerical, let alone theological strength.

However, this alone would have been entirely insufficient to cause the plunge of the Church into Heresy Wars. The reason why this happened is rather (I think the Church historians will say) the presence on the Throne of Peter of a man not only of great ignorance and obvious unbelief, but positively hating everything the Church is and represents. Francis is much worse than a bad Pope. He is an evil man. He has hated all his life the very organisation from which he has scrounged his almost entire existence, using her to escape poverty whilst despising all her rules, her sanctity, her desire for purity in her clergy and her people. Francis is Satan’s goat appointed head gardener. 

Which leads us (and, I think, will lead them) to the real conclusion of all this: Francis could have never been elected Pope without the damage already caused to the hierarchy, up to his highest echelons, by fifty years of Vatican II madness. The breaking of the dams with V II, and the “Spirit of V II” years that followed, allowed a miserable scrounger like Bergoglio not only to enter the seminary, but to advance in the hierarchy thanks to a singular mixture of luck, shameless demagoguery, luck, coincidence, stupidity of those around him, more demagoguery, more luck and, crucially, a climate that allowed him to exist as a priest and bishop in the first place.

Without fifty years of V II we would have never had a Pope Bergoglio. Not even by coincidence, Cardinals’ error, or extremely bad luck. Not.A.Chance.

Vatican II is at the root of pretty much all evils which presently afflict the Church. Actually I would say of all evils without even the “pretty much”, then I can’t think of any major problem of today that does not have its root in it. No, the Pre-V II Church wasn’t perfect, either. But it was a Mercedes S-Class compared to today’s Pontiac Aztek.

The way to sanity unavoidably goes through the termination, the obliteration, the total extermination of V II. All of it. Even the residues, down to the last trace of radioactive dust.

I do not think I will see that day. But in 100 years, perhaps, the Church Historians will.

As for us, we will have to live with the time allotted to us. But we still have a lot to be thankful for, and on this Thanksgiving day my heart is full with hope of a Great Offensive to come in the next decade or two, and of thankfulness for the One who gave us this big, and perhaps last, chance to save the West. 

I hope for you that you are the type who enjoys a fight.

This time requires people like you. 





(What A) Happy Thanksgiving!


Obama Is The Worst Loser in 100 Years, And What This Might Mean For Us.

Never heard of this child? Tsk, tsk…



The recent, fantastic result of the 2016 elections shows a picture of complete and utter defeat for the Democrats not only in the Presidential race, where Hitlery was soundly defeated, but also at other levels of American government: Governors and state legislative chambers.

Never since 1920 has the lot of the Democrats been such a dire one. It is as if Obama had managed to bring his own party on the edge of the abyss in only eight years.

It’s not only the savage spending, the socialist rhetoric, the disastrous Obamacare, the kindergarten foreign policy, the anti White propaganda and the continuous stoking of racial hatred which did it. It is, to an extent, also the relentless war on common sense of Obama’s second mandate, from homosexual so-called marriage to the pushing of transgenderism. Less than one and a half year later, the White House lighted in rainbow colours has come back to bite him.

Therefore, when the Democrats stop whining and start examining in earnest what has gone so wrong for them, they will be forced to deal with the issues of fantasy sexual “identity” and fantasy sexual “morality” they have tried to impose on the American people. It has clearly not worked, as whatever traction they got among latte-sipping Whites with useless degrees appears to have been paid very dearly among more socially conservative Latinos, normal Whites, and even Blacks.

I might be a tad too optimistic here, and I realise the Democrats that count still live in a bubble largely populated by exactly those latte-sipping Whites, which is what made them so sure of victory. But defeat at all levels of government is a very good teacher, and they might well decide to look outside of the window, at the real world, and decide that this madness has got to stop.

I do not expect this to happen in the form of official repudiation of transgenderism or of other forms of sexual perversion. But when they realise these issues are toxic for many of the people they need, many Democrats that count might decide to tone down the rhetoric, and look with more favour at candidates (say, to Senator or Congressman, or to Governor and Mayor of major cities) who look at the matter in a more sensible way. In time, this might lead to the end of this sexual perversion craze, as the Republican side now unavoidably starts pushing more aggressively for mental sanity at all levels of public life, from the local mayor to the Mid-Term elections in 2018 and the, I hope and think, glorious landslide in 2020. This, particularly as the Democrats are about to be attacked most virulently on abortion, and might find it wise to abandon side battlegrounds in order to focus on the main one.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic. Perhaps I am just looking at the world around me. We shall see. But one thing is certain: the utter and complete Obama defeat puts us in the offensive on all fronts.



How To Cope With A Heretical Pope


in saecula saeculorum


In these momentuous months, I will try to give some clarity – at least according to my limited lights – as to what is the situation in front of us.


A bad Pope can be very bad, a material heretic or a formal heretic. 

If he is a very bad Pope, the faithful will have a clear duty to say so in order to avoid the faithful being confused. 

If he is a material heretic, the faithful will have to point out that a pope spreads heresies if not in an “officially official” manner, certainly in a factual, “off-the-cuff” one. It is not for the faithful to declare a Pope deposed, or not in charge. The faithful will refuse obedience to the heresies of the Pope. This is all.

If the Pope is a formal heretic, the faithful will have to point out that the Pope is a formal heretic, and hope and pray that (and invite the bishops and cardinals to) the said bishops and Cardinals take steps to this effect. It is still not for the faithful to declare a Pope deposed.

If the Cardinals and Bishops do not act, we are in the same situation already lived in the time of Pope Honorius: officially heretical Pope, who has supported his heresy with a letter meant to solve a controversy and therefore to be used in a public setting and, by extension, to be respected by the entire Church, sits on the throne of Peter. Bishops do not dare to dethrone him. Truth does not change. Pope remains Pope. Divine Providence will deal with this situation at some point, which cannot be seen in the moment (in the case of Honorius, the account was settled only after Honorius’ death; a development uncertain during the life of the heretical Pope). 

We are now somewhere between the second and third scenario. Pope Francis has been a material heretic for a long while. Reasonable people can argue whether Amoris Laetitia does or does not constitute – according to how to interpret the willed level of deception and provocation – formal heresy. Francis’ letter to the bishop of Buenos Aires – clearly meant, like Honorius’ one, to be circulated, as the bishop was writing in the name of the Argentinian ones and was not expressing a private doubt – reinforces in my eyes the argument of the formal heresy.

Some Cardinals are now clearly thinking the same, and they are seemingly testing the obduracy of Francis in proclaiming his heresy even as they offer him a way out, as happened in the case of John XXII. They might, or might not, take further steps. 

Note here: the SSPX has not declared the Pope deposed, though through Bishop Fellay they have declared him a (material) heretic. The SSPX undoubtedly keep seeing in him the Pope. 

My suggestion to all my readers is that they should not lose any sleep thinking whether they should declare a Pope deposed. It reminds me of the people “declaring” Trump “not elected”. The facts look at you square in the face, and nowhere in the 2000 years long history of the Church it is said that it is for the single faithful to make such decisions. 

Truth will triumph in the end. This can be in three months, in three years, or in 300 years. You should rather worry yourself with the rather earlier moment in which you and everyone of us will see this Truth in front of ourselves, and will be judged accordingly. 

Pope Francis and his possible heretical successors can only try to confuse me for as long as I live, and my death will be the instantaneous end of every confusion. I have no intention of allowing him (or his successors) even one second of doubt. My duty is to soldier on at Christ’s side, according to my lights, in prayer, and without thinking I can decide who is Pope. My religion gives me a sure guidance as to how to deal, in everyday matters, with a heretical Pope. It is not for me to decide to what extent the successor of a heretical Pope is a legitimate Pope (heretical Pope Honorius was declared a heretic by bishops who had remained silent in front of his very heresy). The only thing I can do is to cry out loud for what appears to be the standard solution: bishops – does not matter how many – call an imperfect council which officially declares the Pope a heretic, and therefore declares him already deposed by God by way of his own heresy, and proceeds to elect a new one: and let truth and falsehood fight as hard and as long as Divine Providence allows, and for centuries if it needs be. We will soldier on at the side of Christ and will be happy to die in His shadow, in the midst of crumbling worlds. 

But none of these declarations, councils, & Co. has to happen. You need none of this to collaborate with Grace to save your soul. You need none of this to try to work with Grace in the saving of the souls near you. You go on proclaiming the Truth of Christ and hope that this will be counted for you the day you die.

You are a simple soul that will be judged according to your decisions as everyday Catholic, not according to your decision as Popemaker. 






Misericordia Et Misera: Controlled Explosion


The V II nuChurch was slowly beginning to come to terms with the fact that the SSPX is, erm, Catholic….


The Apostolic letter Misericordia et Misera was released today, and it did not contain the huge bomb of the regularisation of the SSPX. However, it still contained a controlled explosion: the Vatican recognises the sacramental validity of SSPX confessions beyond the Year of false Mercy and, this time sine die.

This is not huge, but it’s big. It seems clear to me that such a decision is clear indicator of a situation like the one I have tried to describe yesterday: the SSPX and the Vatican already have an agreement in the pocket and what is happening now is the preparation of the ground, the “framing” of the reconciliation in a big “Project Mercy” to be used by Francis as an alibi to pursue his heretical agenda. 

If this were not the case, it would be difficult to understand why Francis would not take this carrot (admitting for a moment the SSPX cares for it) away from the SSPX and send a message on the lines of: “I have given you something, but now it’s your turn to make a step towards me”. On the contrary, today’s announcement makes sense only if it is the prelude to bigger things to come. 

What has not happened is what I had considered, yesterday, also a possibility: that Francis is so scared of the dubia-Cardinals that he needs to push the button of the reconciliation now. This is clearly not the case. However, one can say that in this perspective it makes even more sense to wait for such an announcement around the time the cardinals do accuse him of heresy.

I think this development is 100% positive, at least from what we can see at the moment. The SSPX does not give an inch, but they get a lot of credit and credibility even among the V II movers and shakers, who will now have a great deal of difficulty in explaining to their V II-ing sheep what is, exactly, so wrong with an organisation by which everyone can go for Mass, Communion and Confession without even the Vatican having to say a word. If this is not a formal recognition, it is certainly an informal one, as the SSPX is now meant to have these faculties in permanence as opposed to a special concession limited in time. 

I am, personally, not interested in Francis recognising the SSPX, exactly as I am not interested in Francis beatifying Pius XII. I could not care less about what Francis says whether I can confess, make communion or (in hypothesis) marry in a SSPX chapel. But again, he is the Pope, and if the Pope says that you are right you don’t go to him and say that he is wrong in saying that you are right. You might as well say that two and two is five because Francis happens to say that it is four.

Let Francis concede to the SSPX all that he thinks useful to promote his agenda, and let faithful Catholics (starting from the same SSPX) oppose his obvious Modernism with the same energy with which they have done it up to now (I remind my readers that the only bishops openly accusing the Pope of being a Modernist through and through are, to date, the SSPX ones).

Francis’ little Spiel is obvious enough, nor can it be avoided.

But it does not mean that we should not make the most of it.





The SSPX Has No Vocation For Suicide


No vocation for suicide

As the last hours of awaiting begin, I would like to make some short considerations for my concerned readers (who might be many).

Firstly, the SSPX exists just in order to offer an alternative to the horrid developments of V II. The refusal of Archbishop Lefebvre to close his first seminary, which he was ordered to do in 1975, was obviously meant to have consequences. Archbishop Lefebvre knew it, and did it nevertheless. Not for one day in the history of the SSPX being in “full communion” has been more important than, or even equally important as, existing. 

Secondly, the idea that the SSPX would, on demand, simply walk toward the executioner, safe in the knowledge that at least (and at last) they will die in “full communion” is absurd. If it were so, it would have been the dumbest thing for several V II Popes not to have “recognised” them.

“Please come here, I want to slit your throat”.

“Certainly, Holy Father. How can I say ‘no’?”

Come on…

Thirdly, the SSPX does not exist primarily for you. It exists primarily for Christ. I cannot imagine that the majority of the SSPX priests (who, as we have been told, must approve the deal) will just say: “hhmmm, this is good for me; it certainly increases my chances of being bishop one day; yep, I will throw away all that I have been and thought up to now and sell the Society to the likes of Francis. Fidelity to Christ is overrated!”

Fourthly, these are people ready to accept suspension a divinis the day they were ordained. They think of the V II church even less than you do. The word “trust” does not exist in their vocabulary in conjunction with “V II Church”. Of course the society will officially talk of “trust”. This is standard diplomatic language. But they don’t trust either Francis or his successors one bit. As well they should.   

Fifthly, it’s not that the FFI treatment has escaped them. They would have been extremely mistrustful of any V II Pope even without the FFI episode. But this Francis here, they must know he is pure poison. 

I can only imagine one scenario in which things go wrong, and it is one in which the Vatican lawyers are smarter than the SPPX ones, and manage to arrange things in a way that screws them in a way they cannot even see. An improbable, but thinkable scenario.

As I have written in the past, the matter of who controls the assets is the real pivotal point. If the SSPX keeps controlling the assets they will be able to walk away from any order to – in any way, shape or form – comply, submit or disband in a moment. Archbishop Lefebvre could refuse to close the seminary exactly because the seminary belonged to the SSPX. He could go on with his own assets, his own churches, his own seminaries exactly because everything belonged to themselves.

Keep control of your name and assets and you will keep control of your destiny. Lose control of your name or assets and you will be forced to start from ground zero when the Vatican strikes.  And I wonder how many donors will give money to a new “SSPX Mk II” if they know everything will be transferred again to the Vatican by the next trap in which the SSPX priests stupidly fall. Again, this is an improbable scenario. I am sure the SSPX respects their donors more than that.  

We should now, as the Germans say, wait and drink tea. I do not think fear that the SSPX will willingly walk toward an executioner they know to be the worst pope in 700 years and one of the worst in the history of the Church is a rational attitude.

Pray, hope, and don’t worry. 


Just Thinking Out Loud


Has the alarm gone off in the Vatican corridors?


At the end of a very surprising week, let us give some thought on what might (hypothetically) have happened. 

Francis approaches the SSPX with a view to a “reconciliation”. Either in order to see whether they can be trapped (I doubt this; even Francis must recognise they are smarter than him) or, more probably, to counterbalance his heretical project. “See? I want a very wide tent. Everyone will be invited. Let’s not be legalists, everything goes!”

As Francis’ work of destruction goes on, the talks with the SSPX are continued. Francis keeps them in the fridge, ready for use if the occasion arises. Any preliminary agreement would still need his approval, which could be withheld at his pleasure. Detailed agreements are explored. Texts are prepared. The only thing needed is for Francis to push the button.

This one is good to have in the freezer.  Also, when it is decided to do it there might be need for preparation work. This strategy is not new, or extraordinary. The Patti Lateranensi were ready many months before the official announcement, but Mussolini (R.I.P.) needed some time to “work” the party, still dominated by anti-Clerical influences. There is nothing strange in taking time in such matters.   

In September, Francis receives the Dubia letter. Being a clueless, uneducated individual, he initially dismisses it without further thoughts. But he asks around, and is made more familiar with the what and why of the Dubia letter.

Could it really be….? Really…?

Francis does nothing. However, the problem does not go away. He is unofficially warned that silence will not be taken as an answer, much less a satisfactory one. The SSPX is still in the back of his mind. But there’s no reason to play this card now. It’s better to do it, say, at the vigil of the next heretical encyclical letter, and after sending many signals about Francis being the pope of everyone. However, he makes double sure everything is ready.  

Four of the Cardinals go public. Merely hours thereafter, Cardinal Burke makes clear an official correction is in the cards if Francis stays silent. This can be anything from an affirmation of the heresy of some statements in Amoris Laetitia to the alternative for the Pope to recant or be declared a heretic. Francis speaks to Canonists and the rare experts in his entourage. Cardinal Mueller is worried, and he tells Francis so. Alarm bells start to go off, and they get louder by the day as the world press picks the story. His advisers tell him this is really serious, and it could become deadly serious. Francis will soon be seen by the entire Catholic world as a man suspected of heresy by his own Cardinals. Numbers don’t count, facts do. No precedents in more than 700 years.

The alarm bells are now deafening. He needs all the orthodoxy credentials he can muster, sharpish. 

Then the – typical of the man – impulsive, “off the cuff” decision: the button will be pushed now. A letter  is announced (only a few days in advance) to the press. The hoped- for “get out of the heresy trial-card” will be played now. Enter misericordia et misera.

I am not in contact with any fly in the Vatican walls. I have no idea what the document will contain. I am simply trying to connect some dots in a way that seems reasonable to me.   

We will know more in just a few hours. 



Misericordia Et Misera: SSPX Regularised?


I have this from Father Z’s blog. Rorate Caeli also mentions, and confirms the letter will have something about the SSPX in it. As Rorate is clearly well connected to the SSPX one can be sure something is brewing. It’s not clear to me whether the Eponymous Flower has its own sources  or is reporting external ones; but clearly, this is more than rumour.    

Before anyone panics, let me remind you of this: Bishop Fellay stated in the past that no solution/reconciliation/arrangement would be accepted from the SSPX, that has not been approved by the majority of the SSPX priests.

One can, therefore, be reasonably confident that whilst Francis might have fooled the one or other, he could not have fooled the majority of these good and faithful priests.

We shall see how this pans out. It can be an attempt to prepare a trap. It can also be that starting from last September (when he received the Dubia letter), Francis felt so much in a corner concerning his own orthodoxy that he now has desperate need of conservative credentials. This would, of course, contradict the insults  to the supporters of the Traditional Mass made earlier this week. But again, this is Francis for you. 

Imagine the irony: a V II Pope compelled to regularise the SSPX to counter accusations of heresy. You couldn’t make it up. Divine Humour at work.  

Prayers and confidence in the Divine Providence are in order.    


#MAGA Sunday!

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching the Election Night videos…

The Saint Gregory The Great Reblog

The Saint Gregory The Great Reblog


Dubia: What (I Think) Happens Next

You are much more Catholic than the four Cardinals, cierto?!

If the past is any guidance for the future, one can make some pretty reasonable assumption as to what happens next: official silence, unofficial bitching, covert intimidation, and FrancisPropaganda from the papal (homo) entourage.

Remember what happened after the first synod: there was no official, worded challenge to the bishops who had revolted against the heretical mid-way document (the infamous Relatio post disceptationem). However, the Evil Clown went on and on for months, bashing the doctors of the law etc, and leaving no doubt as t whom he was meaning. This is the official silence and unofficial bitching part.

But Francis also stated, in his final speech, that the bishops now had one year time to, more or less, change their mind. That was the beginning of the covert intimidation that has been going on since. Finally, the Evil Clown unleashed a number of more or less perverted followers on a Twitter and interview campaign.

I think the pattern will now be repeated. Expect the Evil Clown to unleash his oversized Inner Bitch in almost every off-the-cuff rant, out of sheer anger that some of his Cardinals refuse to follow the Communist Party line. However, I expect no “yes or no” answer to the Dubia: it will be either silence or FrancisWaffle with the statement that well, that's the answer, and do with that what you want.

In the meantime, horrible things will be promised to the bishops and cardinals who are suspected of Catholicism, like for example withdrawal of promotions, transfer or (horrible dictu!) even demotion. I trust this will be enough to scare most of them, and possibly all of them.

However, it could go the other way: more and more bishops and cardinals find on eBay little-used backbones and male genitals and, after much trembling, click “buy it now”; after which they finally decide to start doing their job and Make the Vatican Great Again.

Not very likely, but you never know.

We live in strange, disturbing, but on occasion extremely exhilarating times.



Miracle: Pope Francis Gets It Right!



The pope said that when it comes to putting up with annoying people, one must remember how many times others have endured their own annoying habits.

I know, this is clearly a slap in the face of the Four Cardinals. Another petty move of a very petty man. 

But I wonder if there is one single Catholic who is not thinking of all the times in which Francis has abused the patience of the flock he hates. 



Dubia: Sign The Petition Asking Francis To Do His Job!



“Not the petition, too…”


LifeSiteNews has posted a petition of support to the Cardinals asking Francis to answer the dubia. 

This is another of the tragicomic aspects of these days: faithful having to ask Francis to do his darn job and confirm the faithful in the faith.

You might say: it’s a useless petition, because he will do what he likes anyway.

My answer would be: it’s a useful petition, because he exposes Francis and keeps the attention on the dubia and the situation of, in fact, suspended heresy declaration for Amoris Laetitia. 

I invite you to have fun and sign the petition. Contribute with you little, honest nail to the coffin of this disgraceful Pontificate. 

Francis work and legacy do not deserve any (ahem) mercy. This pontificate must be nuked. Nothing must remain of it that a faithful Catholic would even remotely consider. You can give your little contribution to the post-Francis reconstruction whilst the man is still breathing.

Please consider signing the petition.  





Get Your Popcorn Ready: New Apostolic Letter About To Be Inflicted On The Faithful!

The Evil Clown, aka Pope Francis, will release a new Apostolic Letter on Monday, titled Misericordia et Misera.

Let us reflect on how the Dubia letter changed the game. This is now not a Pope about to unload another truck of manure on the faithful. On the contrary, what we have here is a Pope officially under scrutiny by his own Cardinals for all the world to see, and obviously suspected of heresy. 

This document will, however long, be dissected and analysed not in view of the “novelty” of Francis’ so-called “merciful” approach, but exactly in light of the now published dubia, and with a view of finding whether other controversies might be engendered by the document.Your average secular journalist covering the Letter will not (stupidly) ask himself, “how will Francis evolve Church doctrine?”. No, they will all ask themselves: “is Pope Francis about to be declared a heretic?”.

I truly hope that, the situation now having come to a head (of sort), any Catholic Cardinal will not wait five months and additional papal letters before challenging the content of this new product of Francis’ perverted, anti-Catholic, socialist mind. 

And before anyone asks me why I criticise the document before I have even read it, let me say that the fruit does not fall far from the tree, and this particular tree is so poisonous that anyone who has hopes about its fruits is either incurably naive or very, very disingenuous.

The question here is not whether the document will be good. It is about the degree of bad Francis will be ready to allow himself in light of the recent events.

Take heed, Evil Clown.

You can ride for a long time…


A Very Special Thanksgiving

Defeated to 98% .... Said HuffPo....

The Great Night (I did not close an eye at all, and went to work the day after full of coffee and enthusiasm) is now nine days old, and no day has gone by without me thinking of what could have been if the Lord had wanted it otherwise, and sending a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord above for the great, great grace given to us.

I still shiver, every day, thinking of what the world would have become if the Lesbian Bitch had managed to make it. And as the trends of the USA pretty often tend to cross the ocean after a while, what would have happened to us, old and tired Europeans abandoned to the mercy of the likes of Hitlery and Merkel.

But the Lord was good to us. He heard our cry, and saw our tears. He gave us more than a reprieve. He gave us a great chance at a counteroffensive of epical proportions, a huge cavalry charge like this young and stupid century has not seen yet.

For the last nine days, I have had a sensation of optimism bordering on euphoria, as I realise that the double whammy of Brexit and Trumpening could be a replay of the greatest double whammy I have seen in my life, the Thatcher and Reagan one.

God helps those who help themselves. This is a huge occasion. On no account must it be squandered. Similarly, this is no time for “across the aisle” and “let's get along” waffle: the Libtard would not have had any mercy for you in victory, you should not have any mercy for them in defeat.

As my US American readers prepare themselves for Thanksgiving, we should (US American or not) reflect on how much we have to thank the Lord in this 2016, the Year of The Trumpening.



The Caricature That Says It All


The Pope Who Won’t Meet His Cardinals




VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - JANUARY 29: Pope Francis holds his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square on January 29, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. After his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, today Pontiff was also found to be represented in a graffiti in Rome that portrays him in a superhero vest. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

“I don’t talk to you!”

Oh, the irony! 

The Pope of “dialogue”, being opened to the “other”, talking to the “peripheries”, listening to the “Spirit”, will not talk to his own Cardinals, who come from all over the world to bring him exactly that openness, and that dialogue, and that voice of the peripheries, that he is always blabbering about. 

I doubt this is because the Cardinals care about personal hygiene and, therefore, do not smell of sheep in the accustomed Argentinian fashion. I rather think it’s because there would be a huge elephant in the room, called Dubia.  

The Cardinals could address Francis formally about it. They could give him some formal letter, or petition, or imploration, or even warning (I don’t believe this; but he might know something we don’t know). They might talk about it with him or among themselves. Even if no one dared to mention it, the embarrassment would be huge. It would be like being at the reception of, as they say in Italy, “the wife of the hanged man”. The elephant would still be there, and he would be pissing on Francis all the time! 

This being the situation, Francis must have decided that openness is only good if people are open to his heresies; that dialogue is only good when he is the only one talking; and that the peripheries are only good if they are his own stinking Argentinian slums full of clearly unrepentant trannies, prostitutes and homos available to his own priests’ dirty desires.

Remember when the Evil Clown failed to show up at the Beethoven concert? This is another stunt of that sort: if I don’t like to do this, I will simply avoid it. The childishness and selfishness is the same, but this time it is about more than an ignorant peasant bored by Beethoven.

Go on, Francis dear. Make an ass of yourself in front of everyone again. Show the world what a petty, ignorant boor you are. This could be getting mighty interesting in the next months. 

We are beginning to enjoy the show. 




It’s Our Prelates Who Owe Their Flock An Apology

You have been too hasty in criticising him!

The publishing of the Cardinals' letter to the Evil Clown is only a few days old, and I already hear around the usual weak voices stating that we all know that the Church is oh so slow, and we should feel bad for having criticised Cardinal Burke & Co. Perhaps, they say, an apology is in order? Well, let me say it with one word:


The Church used to be slow largely because the circulation of information used to be slow. It needed months or years for heresies even to reach the ears of Rome; more still to get detailed information about it; more still to conduct proper investigations once the information had proved alarming; and more still to spread any reaction to the menace.

This is not the case anymore. Information spreads almost instantaneously. Heresy can be spread worldwide in a matter of days. Everyone knows that, even our cowardly hierarchy.

You have evidence of this everywhere. When the Evil Clown staged the first phase of his War On Doctrine with the 2014 synod, the reaction of the bishops present was instantaneous and roaring. Nobidy said: “oh, wait! Let's reflect some six months on this, and then see what posture to adopt. The faithful will understand. That's the way the Church works”. Only a couple of days later, the strongest condemnation came from the Polish bishops, and they had to consult or gather together first. At the same time, many voices rose, particularly from Africa, and were not slow at all in letting the faithful know where the truth lies.

Even admitting that a formal response will take some weeks (I don't think so; see below), it is clearly the duty of every bishop and Cardinal to reassure the faithful that something is being done. “The document as it stands is unacceptable. We are in filial communication with the Holy Father. Be assured truth will be reaffirmed. Formal steps will, if necessary, be taken”. That could enter in a couple of tweets, and would have been enough for the time being. It did not happen.

What happened instead, was a very prompt interview of Cardinal Burke; who, whilst belittling the document with some specious argument about it not being magisterial, had the effrontery to criticise those Catholics orthodox enough to be concerned. You see, Cardinal Burke did not wait five months to give his interview. He only needed a couple of days. His reaction wasn't slow at all.

I could go on until tomorrow, but I will give you a last example. It seems pretty evident that the letter with the Dubia was, after months of scandalous silence, finally prompted by the answer of Francis' letter to the Argentinian bishops, the notorious “there is no other interpretation” letter. After this, certainly more than four Cardinals (we don't know how many; it could have been a dozen or more) only needed some ten days to formulate and agree a very formal document, carefully worded to leave the Evil Clown nowhere to hide. This, my friends, is fast by every standard!

Why, then, be so fast in September, but not in April? The answer is chilling: because for our cowardly hierarchy a document dripping heresy like Amoris Laetitia just isn't bad enough to warrant action. If the Evil Clown had resisted the temptation to write the letter (a letter, mind my words, written in answer to a question very similar to the Dubia expressed now, and which therefore Francis explicitly answered), our blessed hierarchy would have left us without any criticism of Amoris Laetitia whatsoever. And we are the ones who should apologise?

No, my dear readers. No.

Let's stop being the usual wet kitten here, and let's start demanding from our bishops and cardinals that they do their darn job. Not after six months. Not after Francis' umpteenth provocation. But timely after things happen, so that the sheep may know that Francis may happen, but their shepherds are vigilant. What has become of us, if seven months of leaving the faithful absolutely alone is considered something not only acceptable, but which should prompt us to feel guilty?

As I write this, what we have is a promise of escalation, that has not happened yet. This is all. I hope the escalation comes one day, but again I can't say the past experiences (I include Burke here) help much.

Let me remind you again of some facts:

  • Francis was already formally asked, in writing, by bishops, about what Italian lawyers call “authentic interpretation” of the issue of communion for adulterers. He has already answered, formally, in writing. This was enough to condemn Honorius.
  • Amoris Laetitia is so blatantly, so obviously, so shamelessly heretical, that the very concept of having doubts about its lack of orthodoxy is between hilarious and scary. When the document was published there were no calls for the submission of dubia. There was and there is no need for that. The document is heretical beyond doubt.
  • It may well be that the decision to present the Dubia is merely a legal “angle” (that is: it is seen as a necessary step towards a formal declaration of heresy). But even in this case, there is no excuse whatsoever for delaying this step to September when the document was published in April.

Let us be realistic here. We have been abandoned by everyone but one bishop in April, and we are abandoned by everyone but one bishop and four Cardinals now, after months of I action of the same Cardinals.

We, the abandoned sheep, don't have to apologise to any prelate. They, the shepherds, must now show that they are worthy of their role. They must recover the credibility they have blatantly lost. I for one am fed up with being surrounded by mass dereliction of duty, and being told that I was hasty and uncharitable when some reaction starts to happen.

But let our shepherd seriously, factually take the lead of their sheep against this satanical pontificate, and I will be the first and loudest to praise them.

Providence works in wonderful ways. Trump has just won an election against a very powerful political, media and business apparatus that has outspent him many times, defeating a strong fifth column within his own party.

Hitlery never saw it coming.

May Francis, one day, repent or experience the same.



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