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Meet Pope Luther



The best punishment for this idiot would be to ignore him utterly and completed (notabene: it would really be burning at the stake, but he is Pope so that doesn’t count). However, for the benefit of the very ill instructed it might be good to say one thing or two about the idiocy of this man.

Francis has no idea himself – nor could he – how any “reconciliation” can be achieved that avoids conversion of Proddies to Catholicism and goes beyond the uneducated “hey, let’s ignore our difference; they are only the squabbles of theologians” he goes peddling around. Once confronted with hard facts, his only answer is to sow confusion. He is a peasant invited to speak in front of theologians, and who has nothing more to say to them than a Rodney King-style “can we all just get along?”. 

No, you git. We can’t. The matter of heresy or orthodoxy strike at the very core of what we are called to be. It isn’t just something that makes for embarrassing conversions at the Thanksgiving table. Only someone who has no idea of what the Church is can consider being voluntarily out of it a matter of secondary importance. 


The “joint statement” is a stunning example of complicity in heresy and, it seems to me, outright blasphemy. Mind, this is joint, so Francis has to answer for it, too. 

 “We experience the pain of those who share their whole lives, but cannot share God’s redeeming presence at the eucharistic table. We acknowledge our joint pastoral responsibility to respond to the spiritual thirst and hunger of our people to be one in Christ.”

What a Catholic (not Francis, of course) and a Lutheran understand under “eucharistic table” are two completely different pairs of shoes. Only a peasant bent on sowing confusion could sign a statement that simply ignores his duty to defend the Truth and Dogma of Transubstantiation and downplays it to an utterly undefined, and acceptable even for darn Lutherans, “redeeming presence”.

Then notice the utter stupidity of comparing the allegedly secondary, momentary episode of the “eucharistic table” with the “whole lives”: these two Protestant idiots obviously consider it as very “off” that once two people share their lies together, this annoying “detail” of the “eucharistic table” should remind them that one is a heretic, and the other has married a heretic.

In the end, none of the two asses had any solution that goes beyond the mere ignoring and downplaying. None had a thought going beyond the most childish platitudes. These are two peasants trying to reinvent the wheel, and lamenting the fact that the feat appears somewhat difficult to achieve.

There is only one Church and only one Truth. The only way for those who are out is to get in. No Pope, no matter how stupid, heretical, or perverted, can change a iota on that.

Congratulation, Frankie boy. You have shown the world, once again, how stupid you are.




Advanced Parkinson’s: This Makes Sense To Me



This video makes a lot of sense. It squares with the episodes already mentioned on this blog, and highlights other occasions of behaviour compatible with the disease.

Tomorrow begins the third wave of Wikileaks revelations, which have already caused – notwithstanding the insisted silence or downplaying of the MSM – so much damage to Hitlery.

There are messages around (apparently on 4chan and elsewhere) claiming to come from Wikileaks, and announcing a knockout blow for the very next days.

I do not know whether this is the case – in my eyes, the time for the knifing is now, as in the silence of the MSM it will take many days to spread any news enough that the MSM can't ignore it anymore -; however, if the source is correct than the revelation from inside sources that Hitlery has Parkinson's would certainly put an end to this race. Several people must know. These people were obviously careless with their emails. They can easily have discussed Hitlery's Parkinson's problems among themselves.

Another element must be discussed. As clearly seen in the case of JPII and as the video confirms, Parkinson's often leads to dementia. Imagine a violently bitchy demented president with the nuclear codes in her hands. In case, I hope someone kills her in time.

However, you should not be worried about the woman.

I trust there will be enough treatment possibilities in jail.

If she likes her doctor, I am sure she will be able to keep her doctor.




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