Advanced Parkinson’s: This Makes Sense To Me



This video makes a lot of sense. It squares with the episodes already mentioned on this blog, and highlights other occasions of behaviour compatible with the disease.

Tomorrow begins the third wave of Wikileaks revelations, which have already caused – notwithstanding the insisted silence or downplaying of the MSM – so much damage to Hitlery.

There are messages around (apparently on 4chan and elsewhere) claiming to come from Wikileaks, and announcing a knockout blow for the very next days.

I do not know whether this is the case – in my eyes, the time for the knifing is now, as in the silence of the MSM it will take many days to spread any news enough that the MSM can't ignore it anymore -; however, if the source is correct than the revelation from inside sources that Hitlery has Parkinson's would certainly put an end to this race. Several people must know. These people were obviously careless with their emails. They can easily have discussed Hitlery's Parkinson's problems among themselves.

Another element must be discussed. As clearly seen in the case of JPII and as the video confirms, Parkinson's often leads to dementia. Imagine a violently bitchy demented president with the nuclear codes in her hands. In case, I hope someone kills her in time.

However, you should not be worried about the woman.

I trust there will be enough treatment possibilities in jail.

If she likes her doctor, I am sure she will be able to keep her doctor.





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  1. It made a ton of sense. There’s no doubt about it. My kids love ‘bad lip reading’ on YouTube, and this video they showed me unintentionally shows another Parkinson’s moment. If you don’t want to watch all the silliness, it’s at the 3 minute mark.

  2. Since the debates Dr Ted Noel has come out with at least three more videos available on You Tube describing Parkinsonian symptoms in Hillary that were noted during or shortly after the debates, notably the “freeze” and dyscongugate eye movements.

    One video is a comprehensive overview on the neuropsychiatric devastation of the disease and how the presidency would be in grave jeopardy if Parkinsons was a factor.

    It’s unbelievable that Hillary and her minions think she is fit for office. Power certainly corrupts.

  3. If Hillary Clinton has Parkinsons, and it looks very much like it, it would suit the dark side with evil intent very well. Prop her up with drugs, continue the Botox injections, let her make speeches written for her, brush away the off-messages, while the real power resides with an unelected coterie already in place. Sound familiar?

  4. looks like there are a lot of other issues too…..

    look for Podesta to be ‘vince-fostered’ soon.


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