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Stunning Hypocrisy

From Friday night to Wedsnesday afternoon (for me) it is now four and a half day of The Perfect Storm over Witchland.

Indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice for Hitlery herself is now well in the cards. Not one but two of her close associates have been caught on email suggesting and giving instruction for the destruction of compromising emails, the second event after an injunction not to touch anything. The criminal energy necessary for this, and the use of specialised software, show that the gravity of the action was well known, and it seems outlandish to believe this did not happen on the instruction of the Wicked Lesbian Witch herself.

Benghazi is now rearing its ugly (and bloody) head once again.

The Clinton Foundation is officially under investigation for “pay for play”. Not only Hillary, but Bill himself is implicated.

Last but by all means not least, Clinton was caught cheating in the Primaries. This, of course, after her party was discovered to have rigged the Democratic primary for her from the start.

Please stop here and reread before going on.

Against all this, we have Trump saying not very gentlemanlike (though, undoubtedly, very masculine) things in a private conversation not meant at all for public consumption.

I remember a so-called Catholic blogger triumphantly blogging that the race was over after the Trump tape. I have not noticed him withdrawing his support from Hillary last time I looked (Sunday evening my time). However, the blog in question is so disgusting that I admit not looking often. Everytime it's like a full immersion in a lake of manure.

I also remember a possibly homosexual “Fox” journalist getting all emotional and stating that surely, no woman could now vote Trump after he had called Hitlery “evil woman”, or something of the sort. I wish I remembered the name of the little fag in question. It would be interesting to know his opinion about the female vote now.

Then I seem to remember a so called Catholic vote organisation stabbing Trump in the back in his darkest hour, and all but helping Hitlery to prevail. If these people are the real Catholics, Islam starts to appear in an attractive light.

Finally, I remember all those so-called pundits who told you Trump had made himself unelectable with either private conversations or legitimate doubts about the elections' outcome. They don't seem, in their vast majority, to question the electability of a pluri-investigated candidate with an alcohol problem, a sovereign disregard for the security of her country, a very probable Parkinson's and a lesbian attitude. Go figure.

It is as if all these people thought that we are unable to see through their stunning hypocrisy. They are wrong, because we are.

Which is one of the many reasons why Trump is igniting the enthusiasm of so many inside and outside the USA; even many of those who don't really approve of him as a person, but certainly approve of what is happening through his campaign.

Enough with these hypocrites journalists, bloggers, and pollsters. They have stopped telling people what to think and what metre of liberal, feminist, effeminate morality they have to follow.

The Trumpening is coming. God willing, it will lead sanity to victory.

Don't be complacent. There is an awful lot to do. Evil or sold people are voting for a residue of Nazi thinking as I write this, and who knows what kind of rigging is being plotted in many, many places.

Trump need every single vote and he needs you to get them, as the liberal MSM machine will work against him to the very end. His help can only be the aggregate of the many small voices fighting the deafening lies of the MSM.

Vote Trump and make others vote him. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it will help you to suitably punish the stunning hypocrisy we keep seeing all around.





More Bad News For Hillary.

Bad news are piling up for the Evil Witch these days.

Let’s look at Florida. 

4 million votes cast. Normally, Dems should be leading the early vote because they have a far better “turn out the vote” machine.

Not happening.

By Monday, 4,077,521 Floridians had voted. They included 1.648 million registered Republicans, 1.623 million registered Democrats, and 697,783 NPA voters.

This is, I would say, pretty big. Even my cat keeps saying that Trump is expected to prevail clearly among the Independent, and there is a wide expectation that Trump will take more votes from the Dems than Hitlery from the GOP voters. Therefore, there is a clear lead for Trump here. How does Hitlery think of countering this: with masses of enthusiastic “I am Benghazi” voters turning out on the Eight?

Also, black American turnout in the state has dropped sharply, creating more bad news for the Clinton team. In 2012, after just two days of early in-person voting, black Americans contributed 25 percent of the vote. In 2016, despite five days of early voting, black Americans comprised only 16 percent of voters by Monday.

Ouch. There might be more Latinos voting this year, but this can never compensate a 9% drop (compared to the total; let me rephrase: “dramatic fall”) in the Black vote. Nationally, Obama carried more than 90% of this group. They were money in the bank. This is not going to help her at all, even assuming she keeps the same 90+% of the Black vote the Gay Mulatto had in 2012. Which, as we all know, not even the Democrats now dare to hope.

Do you think the lower Black turnout in Florida is an isolated episode? Not really.

In North Carolina […] black turnout is down 16 percent. White turnout, however, is up 15 percent.

Er… what? Can you say it again, please? 16% less Black voters, 15% more White voters? I wonder how this race is going to end?

It’s not looking good for the Evil Witch. But we need a massive mobilisation of decent Americans to counter frauds and avoid surprises. Complacency is a very dangerous enemy.

Vote Trump. Vote Trump. Vote Trump.



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