More Bad News For Hillary.

Bad news are piling up for the Evil Witch these days.

Let’s look at Florida. 

4 million votes cast. Normally, Dems should be leading the early vote because they have a far better “turn out the vote” machine.

Not happening.

By Monday, 4,077,521 Floridians had voted. They included 1.648 million registered Republicans, 1.623 million registered Democrats, and 697,783 NPA voters.

This is, I would say, pretty big. Even my cat keeps saying that Trump is expected to prevail clearly among the Independent, and there is a wide expectation that Trump will take more votes from the Dems than Hitlery from the GOP voters. Therefore, there is a clear lead for Trump here. How does Hitlery think of countering this: with masses of enthusiastic “I am Benghazi” voters turning out on the Eight?

Also, black American turnout in the state has dropped sharply, creating more bad news for the Clinton team. In 2012, after just two days of early in-person voting, black Americans contributed 25 percent of the vote. In 2016, despite five days of early voting, black Americans comprised only 16 percent of voters by Monday.

Ouch. There might be more Latinos voting this year, but this can never compensate a 9% drop (compared to the total; let me rephrase: “dramatic fall”) in the Black vote. Nationally, Obama carried more than 90% of this group. They were money in the bank. This is not going to help her at all, even assuming she keeps the same 90+% of the Black vote the Gay Mulatto had in 2012. Which, as we all know, not even the Democrats now dare to hope.

Do you think the lower Black turnout in Florida is an isolated episode? Not really.

In North Carolina […] black turnout is down 16 percent. White turnout, however, is up 15 percent.

Er… what? Can you say it again, please? 16% less Black voters, 15% more White voters? I wonder how this race is going to end?

It’s not looking good for the Evil Witch. But we need a massive mobilisation of decent Americans to counter frauds and avoid surprises. Complacency is a very dangerous enemy.

Vote Trump. Vote Trump. Vote Trump.



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    • All these young cretins want to feel good above everything else. They do not have the age (or the intelligence) for smart compromises and for understanding the reality of an election. I can’t imagine that they will flock to such a witch.

  1. Turnout is everything. Polls mean nothing as turnout not considered.

  2. Oh my!

    Just in case you haven’t seen this:

    IBD/TIPP for Catholics Trump 48/ SickHillary 37.

  3. More good news from the front lines.

    Eyewitness report from my brother-in-law who attended a large Trump rally in Macomb county Michigan on Monday. His words “very enthusiastic, overwhelmingly blue collar, no Hillary signs anywhere in the area”. This is very positive news that Trump has a good chance of carrying the state of Michigan (despite current polls).

    Macomb county is THE key county in Michigan and one of a dozen or so key bell weather counties in the entire United States. Macomb county became famous back in the ’80’s when this predominately Democratic blue collar county voted Reagan and thus was coined the famous “Reagan Democrats” that propelled Reagan to a landslide.

    May history be repeated next Tuesday! Keep praying…this country is on the brink!!

    • I don’t think he will need Michigan (if he gets Michigan he should get Virginia by a comfortable margin and very probably Pennsylvania; I consider him pretty safe in Florida, Ohio, Iowa and North Carolina already) but heck, this gives more colour as to how this race might going…

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