Daily Archives: November 4, 2016

Keep Calm And Support Trump



Whatever dirt the Dems have against Trump, they will dish it out today, at the beginning of the last weekend before the (biggest) Election Day.

Expect minor episodes being inflated beyond reason. Expect the Presstitutes to amplify and report it everywhere, instantly, demanding that you accept that it is a big deal.

When this happens, you start going on the Internet, in the lion's dens of the Presstitudes combox, and start a bombardment of pro Trump comment like your son's life depends on it. Also post on the friendly sites, so that if the Presstitutes censor and delete decent people have place to go and be reassured, and to know that the battle is on and Trump is going to win it.

And If nothing explosive (or allegedly explosive) comes out today…..

please keep Hillary away from the bottle.



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