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The Vodka Poll Analysis


Hillary likes variety…

The Friday has come and gone, and still no nuclear bomb against Trump. I suspect Hitlery will be rather gutted now. This poll analysis will, if shared with Hitlery, contribute to her seeking the comfort of the vodka bottle. Therefore, please don’t show it to her. Willed drunkenness remains a mortal sin even you are a lesbian witch with quasi-satanist associates.

First, we should erase from our mind all the leftist polls which continue to indicate a vast advantage for Clinton. They want us to believe that Clinton is doing, after all the scandal and lack of enthusiasm, from the same to way better than Gay Mulatto in 2012. This is Fantasyland. It’s not as scandalous as it used to be, but it’s still not realistic.

Then we should look at the situation in 2012: Gay Mulatto still in power, record Black turnout, Obamacare still in trouble but not nearly as much as now, a hurricane had just allowed Obama to look oh so presidential (with the help of Judas Chris Christie, who then wondered why he was in single digits in 2016). Obama was, also, the incumbent, playing the usual theme of “allow me to finish my job”. Then he could say Bush was the culprit from everything from Adam onward. 

Fast forward to 2016: Gay Mulatto is going out after two terms, which tends to favour change; Black turnout somewhat (or more) down; Obamacare in deep Obama; no hurricane. 

What is better for Hitlery? Perhaps a slight increase in the total percentage of the Latino + Blacks + Legal immigrant (let us leave fraud aside for now) demographics. However, this year the attention on electoral fraud is huge. I suspect this shaves away a couple of hundred thousand 2012 votes already.  Trump is no Romney. 

What is worse for Hitlery in 2016? She is the subject of multiple investigations, on the verge of indictment for one or more of them, outed as lesbian, with obvious health issues, and with no enthusiasm for her to be seen anywhere. And you want me to believe that this counts anywhere between zero and +2 for Clinton?

Now I am going back in history and I am trying to remember the last time that, after a two-term mandate, the same party managed to get a third mandate. Clinton had two mandates. After that, a change. Reagan managed to achieve a third Republican victory for Bush, but Reagan could have achieved a mandate for Mickey Mouse. Two Nixon/Ford mandates (after Watergate, but with a man not investigated against) led to Carter. Two Eisenhower mandates led to Kennedy.

In recent history (broadly: television age), the only time that a party managed to get three mandates was when the first two mandates were won by … Ronald Reagan. Bush could shine in his reflected light because he did not have multiple investigations against him. Again: Donald Duck would, if endorsed by the Gipper, have won that race.

And you want me to believe that this hag, hated by her very voters bar rabid feminists and latte-sipping fags, who clearly despises the common man, who can’t connect even with her own nearest collaborator (how does ” reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine, and farts” sounds…), and who has several investigations against her as we speak, opening the prospective of a constitutional crisis, if elected, compared to which Watergate would be a walk in the park, is leading the race with a margin equal or far better than Obama had in 2012? 

Please, let’s be serious and let’s go back to reality. 

Reality says that the poll that was the nearest to the end result in 2012 has Trump up by 5.4% as I write this.  

This polling method missed the 2012 result by a mere 0.53%

Feel free to hover at leisure with the vertical bar on the poll’s timeline. Notice that Trump is at his absolute highest (more than after Clinton’s collapse on 11 September), whilst Hitlery is only slightly above  her post Sept 11 performance. Understand that this poll measures the certainty/probability of vote, too; therefore, as more people have made up their mind Hitlery has a tad more votes than at her absolute bottom, but in a contest of solidified advantage for Trump, for whom many more people have also made up their mind.

Then there are the single state polls. How can it be that Hitlery is comfortably leading the popular vote when several (normally biased) polls see her struggling or going down in most battleground states? She is struggling in Michigan, last won by… Bush 41? Or was it Reagan? Really? I saw polls that say Trump +3 in Virginia, and with advantage halved (from 24 to 12 points) in NY. Hillary, stop leaning on the fridge, pretending that there is no earthquake going on. 

Oh, I almost forgot. The nevertrumpers are gone. Annihilated. Destroyed. For weeks now the polls (even the bad ones) have indicated the same fidelity among Republicans as among Democrats. Be assured for every Nevertrumpers there are two angry Sanders fans. Even that pussy Ryan got that in the end.  

Lastly, add to all this the possibility of the “Monster Vote”. Will it materialise? We don’t know. But we see clear indication of bigger White vote (I have written in the past) even among the early voters. It is not unreasonable that on the proper Election Day these Monster Vote will materialise to a big extent. It might not reach the full scale of the hope, but again if polls give her tied in Michigan it means it’s coming, and it’s pretty big.

All this is, obviously, useless if people don’t show up and vote. Please think of this: that there are people the other side of the ocean who cannot sleep thinking of this election and all that is at stake for our Christian future. They can’t vote, they can only pray and write. But you can vote. 

You can’t elect a Pope, but you can contribute to decide in which general direction the US (and with it, the West) will be heading in the next years. Trump’s elections is a significant step in counteracting the evil effect of the Francis papacy. 

Vote, and let people vote, Trump. 

Make America Great Again! 


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