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Turns out the FBI has assured us they could carefully examine 2/3 of a million email in a matter of days and decide that there is nothing new. Nothing to see here folks, move along…

The word RIGGED comes to mind. The pressure that must have been brought to bear on Comey (not a hero on his best day, as the past events abundantly showed) must have been unprecedented.

Hefore the Hillaryjugend proceeds to the canonisation of the dyke, let us bear in mind a couple of things:

  1. Comey has said that the conclusions remain the same; that is: reckless irresponsibility, which (he says) does not warrant an indictment.
  2. Clinton is still under investigation for the activities of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.
  3. I expect a “leakfest” now from inside the FBI. This will be fun to watch. I also expect very long knives out for Comey, and being sharpened however the outcome of the election.
  4. The “Lolita Express” matter might still bring some new development.

In short, this is not a real progress for Hitlery. Millions of voters will see in this – and rightly so, if you ask me – another example of a corrupted and rigged system that protects the Clintons with mafia-like efficiency.  In my eyes it will increase, not quench, the desire to drain the swamp. Trump, who is no pussycat like the damn Mormon (I can imagine Romney, in a similar situation, publicly congratulating Hillary and assuring her of his undying friendship) will let America know what he thinks of such manoeuvering.

Hillary stinks of boiled cabbage, urine and fart exactly like before. She has just avoided being submerged by a truckload of manure. At least for now.

Let the rage of the decent part of the population mount. Let the Dems feel safe in the victory now that their candidate will not appear handcuffed on TV (but we would not have been showed anyway) before the election.

The revolution is ongoing. Trump is now so much more than one person running for one office.


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  1. The most repulsive, wretch inducing smell in the world is that of a gastrointestinal bleed coming out of both ends. Hillary smells of that! Boiled cabbage is perfume in comparison.

    Thanks for your work leading up to the US election. You have been tireless. A true gladiator for goodness, truth and beauty.

  2. This whole farce is because Obama has used the unsecure email to correspond to Hitlery. Therefore, there will be no indictment of Hitlery else Obama will have to be indicted as well. Pure corruption. God will not be mocked. I will wait on HIS JUDGEMENT.

    • It might go the other way.
      If Obama dares to pardon Hitlery he is the next on the chopping block when his mandate has ended.
      As to Hitlery, her presidency would be a first class nightmare until scandals or Parkinson force her to resign. A tragic presidency.

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