Virginia Pardon Scandal: Is There No Limit To The Shamelessness Of These People?

Terry McAuliffe, the Governor of Virginia, a well-know member of the Clinton Gravy Train and formerly involved in the Clinton Foundation, has apparently pardoned up to 60,000 Virginia felons to allow them to vote; sending them pre-paid ballot papers and envelopes to boot. 

If the felons were to vote, I can’t imagine the 60,000 votes would not decide the race in a very contested race like Virginia’s. However, firstly one can imagine these aren’t models of civic duty, and secondly it appears that the number can still be challenged in front of the courts, which I hope the Trump side will do immediately. 

It is staggering to behold to what extent these people will go to secure a victory. How many millions citizens (many of them, I am told, Black, and we know how they vote; very few of them angels) could be given voting rights in this way if this becomes the fashion? 

Not even in Italy have I ever assisted to such  brazenness. This exceeds what I was able to even think until yesterday. 

These Democrats are, pure and simple, a bunch of criminals. 


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