Let’s Meet On The Trump Train!

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  1. That’s great! Where is it from? Forwarded it to some friends….
    I’m so excited and nervous. Can’t imagine what I’ll be thinking or feeling this time tomorrow night….
    I just came home from a vigil for Election Day. We had Exposition, silent adoration, the rosary, and beautiful prayers- for our country, the last night of a novena for the elections, then Benediction.There were a few such vigils around town (NYC). Tomorrow there will be constant recitation of the rosary at this same church. I think I will probably end up there tomorrow as well….
    So many are praying for DJT. Please God.

    • The “Trump train” is a constant theme in the comments of political sites. If you go on the Internet you will find many videos with different musical themes. However, most of them could be deemed not entirely fit for a Catholic blog so I posted this one only.

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