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Cringlary! Try Not To Cringe!

Alternative To Presstitutes TV


Good alternative to the usual prostitutes. 

“Hi! This Is Ted Cruz Calling!”

Looking For The Real News


As the MSM unleash another truckload of misinformation and willed deception, I suggest that my readers avoid subjecting themselves to the gas lighting.

Instead, it can be useful to read comments from the field, from real people, telling you what is really happening.

The day of the Brexit vote I spent a considerable amount of time on the (excellent, if very explicit) Guido Fawkes site. Dozen of commenters were reporting massive turnout, many older people, many people who had not voted in a long time. More importantly, the observations were one-sided, with basically no one reporting the contrary trend. The picture was consistent, and promising. One morning later I realised these dozen of single observations, put together, were giving a more realistic picture of the events than the polls. I remind you here that after vast and very expensive polling the general consensus and plus minus average was considered 52% Remain, 48% Leave.

Exactly the contrary happened, a variation of 4 percentage points.

If you direct your mouse to the Conservative Treehouse, you will find there hundreds of reports from the field. The entire experience is a stronger version of what I have lived in June. Many reports of strong turnout in Republican counties, some commenters do not report anything special (particularly those voted outside of “rush hours” ) and most of the “very quiet day” reports come from predominantly Democratic counties. It all makes sense, and it’s a puzzle put together by very many individual observations, all over the Country, red and neutral and blue.

It’s coherent, it’s diffused, and it corresponds to common sense.

I think it’s happening.

I invite my readers to spend these difficult, tense hours reading these encouraging, sensible, real comments from the ground rather than listening to the Presstitudes of the MSM.

Let’s cut these people out of our business for as much as we can. Let them lose their jobs.

Donald is hiring.



The Hitlery-Downfall Video

This is an old, 2008 one. Can’t wait for the Hitlery-Trump one…

(Caution: Hitlery language including final blasphemy!)

Why Would She Do That?


“What do you mean, ‘we are behind in Nevada and Colorado, too’?”


The very strange news has reached us yesterday that the Dems headquarters have cancelled the big fireworks planned for election nights. Apparently, they did not bother to even give an excuse for it to the Fire Brigade-slash-competent authority.

One wonders. They may well not be very upbeat about what is about to happen (they certainly have their own internal polls; I suspect they know that the situation is much different from what they want you to believe). However, the smart thing to do in this case would be to let the fireworks go on as planned and then, at the appropriate time, cancel them for the most obvious of reasons. Everyone, even Libtards, would understand.

Instead, we have this strange decision without even the elementary caution of preparing some ground, some shred of an explanation.

I will dare my own hypothesis here:

Hitlery is receiving internal polls smelling of defeat and, in fact, possibly jail. She has an attack of bitchiness, starts insulting everyone around her, throws books and ashtrays around.

And then, in an attack of self despondent rage, orders that the fireworks be cancelled. No one dares to suggest to her that this is not the time to do such things, or that they should at least have a halfway excuse at the ready, because she is in full Cruella mode.  

Therefore this huge blunder goes out: fireworks cancelled, no explanation.

on the day before the election, this is just the ticket.


(Pinned:) Make America Great Again!


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