The Traitorous, Utterly Irrelevant, Stupid Pope

Pope Francis Holds Weekly Audience

“Damn Catholics…”


After the victory, we should dedicate ample time (not one day or two; we should make it part of the Catholic discourse) to the traitors in the time of battle.

The most prominent position must go to the Pope; because, evil as we already know he is, he is still the Pope.

Francis is dumb. I mean with this that he is stupid. No, I am not saying this in a figurative, polemical way. What I mean to say is that the man is literally dimwitted.

After his wall comments in the past months, it was clear to the dumbest observers that not only Francis’ attack had not helped Hillary, but that he had backfired. Another man – a man I do not want to say wise, but at least not stupid – would have learnt the lesson and understood that it is better to shut up about walls & Co. for the time being, and at least until after the election. 

Alas for him, Francis is stupid. And in his stupidity, he thought he would allow himself another ego trip just before the election. When I saw it I thought that this was a good sign, and more votes for the coming Trumpening. I love to think, today, that this greatest of victories was, in a tiny way, also helped by Francis’ involuntary contribution to one of the best arguments of the Trump campaign: build that wall! 

Trump appears to have captured way more Catholic votes than Romney. Francis appears to be not only irrelevant, but somewhat relevant in reverse: he is so discredited that he helps his opponents.  

Oh joy! To know that Francis helped more people to get on the Trump train!

Therefore, we have a clear photography of this disgraceful man: traitorous, largely irrelevant, and very stupid.






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  1. We may say that Francis is infallible: every political cause he supports loses: peace process in Colombia (rejected in a referendum), UK remaining in the EU (rejected in a referendum), Dilma Roussef (impeached in Brazil for corruption), Daniel Scioli (Cristina Kirchner’s successor in Argentina, lost the elections to Macri), Hillary Clinton (lost to Trump). If you see him supporting something, rest assure it will lose.

  2. By the way, I wish the pope gave more support to Maduro, so Venezuela can at last get rid of chavismo.

  3. Especially odious was his meeting with his pal the bicycle pump abortionist the day before the election. What message was he trying to convey? (All these stunts are calculated). I think he thought he was telegraphing Clintonistas that it was okay to vote for Hillary, and he well may have propped up 48% of Catholics in that evil choice. But 52% of American Catholics were not buying into his delusions.

  4. Kinda puts a damper on Francis’s globalist, Marxist project 🙂

    Things are a bit different now.

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