Watering The Plant Of The Revolution.

The Revolution is now only two days old, but it is important that the wonderful energy mobilised by the just concluded electoral campaign does not get stuck in the swamp of usual politicking.

There is now a situation last seen in 1928, with White House, Congress and Senate all in Republican hands. But make no mistake: there are many snakes in the GOP grass, ready and willing to sabotage the Revolution.

I now expect determined action for Trump not only in the matters more linked to political issues (the wall, dealing with illegal immigration, and the like) but also in those more directly linked to this Catholic blog: the proposal to the Senate of a seriously conservative Supreme Court judge, and the support for pro-life legislation from the White House. Also, I expect a clear conservative and pro-life stance in the federal judges he will pick.

I do expect that there will be opposition from the snakes in the grass. Let the Senators, then, oppose the Revolution and pay the price when reelection time comes. Let the Congressman defy the wave of Trumpism and feel the effect in the primaries for the 2018 election. If the Revolution is carefully watered and helped to grow strong there will be immense pressure for tepid followers and closeted fifth column to get on with the program. Trump will be able to ask a grateful Country to support candidates friendly to his cause rather than Judases in the mould of Paul “Pussy” Ryan.

A first test of the mood in the House will be the choice of the speaker. If Ryan is confirmed without any serious opposition, I will take it to mean that the GOP congressmen are bent on an attrition war with Trump, and on the eradication of the young revolutionary plant by the usual means of obstruction, duplicity and time wasting. This threat must then become, for decent Americans, the object of the next war, as they start to plan their substitution in 2018 with Revolutionary candidates.

The Revolution must now be expanded and be extended to more levels of power: congress, presidentially appointed judges, Senate, state legislatures, governors.

Let's look at abortion again: a Governor square on the pro-life side has run as Vice President without any uncertainty on his pro-life program, and has won. Governors may not ban abortion, but they can change people. The fact that Pence could be so vocal about consigning abortion to the ash heap of history and still carry the day shows how nearer we are to victory than only 15 years ago.

It is important that Trump now proceeds decisively on the Revolutionary path, allowing pockets of enemy resistance to emerge rapidly instead of hiding and starting from now to prepare for a truly conservative Congress in 2018. I don't think it will be very difficult as decisive action on the wall and immigration issues will give the man a clout that the political prostitutes in Washingon will find very hard to oppose. It would be very bad if Trump allowed himself to slip into the usual path of Washington politicking. Instead, he must take vigorous action on the matters in his competence and publicly denounce and expose every and any sort of obstruction in those that aren't. All those who try to water down the consequences of the 8 November vote must be publicly denounced as enemies of conservatism and allies of the liberal scum. Two years of this, paired with decisive action and prompt delivery on the promises, and you will see the snakes in the grass diminishing rapidly in number and influence.

I am confident that Trump can pull this. I am confident that he has already seen the dangers coming from Congress RINOs and defeated never Trumpers, and is already working on how to either move them to comply or be exposed as the enemies of the Revolution. I am also confident that the man will go at the task in hand with a completely different mentality than your usual professional politician eager to avoid making enemies and securing influence and friends for his “retirement”. This one will seek conflict, and thrive in it.

This is not the end of a long electoral battle. This is the very beginning of a revolution that must conquer the heart of America and, in time, the rest of the West. We must keep your enthusiasm high, and do the most of this wonderful movement.



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  1. Dear Mundabor, thank you so much for all your work in supporting this great victory. I live in France and I’m proud to have gotten two other Americans here to vote for Trump, including one who also voted in my home state of Wisconsin, which turned out to be very important! I was only a child in the 1980s but the feeling is reminiscent of when Ronald Reagan was president: morning in America. Let us thank God and pray that Trump knows not only how to gain a victory, but how to use it, as one of Hannibal’s generals once told him. My hope is that this result inspires people in Europe to elect sane leaders who will ‘drain the swamp’ here. Despite what you will hear in the media there are so many French and Europeans who admire Trump and his program for the US, perhaps this victory is what was needed to mobilise them.

  2. ilovevictoriasbows

    Speaking of ‘Congress RINOs and defeated never Trumpers’, reminds of Father James McLucas:

    ‘As I write, the recently appointed Archbishop of Warsaw (the primatial see of Poland) has had to resign because of revelations that he had cooperated with the secret police of the communist regimes for most of his priesthood (the rector of the cathedral in Krakow has had to resign for the same reason). The Polish episcopate is resisting pressure to investigate its membership for similar activities. There is a story emerging this morning out of Radio Polinia reporting a published account in a credible journal concerning “the collaboration with the communist secret police of 12 bishops working in high places in the late 1970s. The bishops were to be instructed by the communist police to influence the choice of the new primate of Poland who was to succeed Cardinal Wyszynski, a person highly uncomfortable for the communist authorities.” If true, obvious questions arise about whom these bishops eventually named or maneuvered into the Polish episcopate and who are presently in office. Is it coincidental that this episcopate has been doggedly determined to dismantle the traditional manner of safeguarding the reception of the sacrament most holy?


Reading these accounts coming from Poland brings to mind the testimony of Bella Dodd, a former communist agent and eventual “revert” to Catholicism: “In the 1930s, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood [in the United States] in order to destroy the Church from within.” Another former communist, Manning Johnson, testified to Congress: “In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries…. This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our communist expectations.”’

    The RINO’s will work against Trump like the Evil Clown works against Catholicism. SSPX, you have been warned.

  3. Except that I would prefer to call it a Counter-revolution, or the start of a process of restoration of the natural order. I would reserve the term Revolution to what the Left has been doing in all of the Americas during the last few decades; namely undermining the natural order.

    • It’s a Conservative Revolution, in fact. Alas, the established order and dominant mentality is now the liberal one, which is why I preferred not to use Counter-revolution, or the like.

  4. http://eclj.org/religious-freedom/french-institutions/conseil-dtat–la-crche-peut-tre-expose-dans-les-btiments-publics?lng=

    2016-11-10 19:03 GMT+01:00 Mundabor’s Blog :

    > Mundabor posted: ” The Revolution is now only two days old, but it is > important that the wonderful energy mobilised by the just concluded > electoral campaign does not get stuck in the swamp of usual politicking. > There is now a situation last seen in 1928, with White House, ” >

  5. Mr Trump and his team need continuing rosaries prayed for them. Already I am reading, on more Traditional Catholic sites, concerning rumblings about who he “considering” to head up cabinet positions.

    Do not become complacent! We are fighting powers and principalities of enormous evil.

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