Queen Bee Cried Inconsolably


Brutal video concerning Hitlery, basically the lesbian version of Uday and Kusay without the balls.

If the report is true (it matches the character; you know it is) we have all the scale of the drama we have just escaped.

Able to cry for hours inconsolably, to the point that even hours after the defeat she can barely be understood.  Able to blame Comey for an investigation she, and she alone, has caused with her arrogance and despise for the law. Able to blame Obama for not doing enough to stop Comey, and here we really see the attitude of the witch totally accustomed to get away with everything.  

The stupid, whining bitch was talking of “glass ceiling”, as if real qualities were not necessary to be President. The stupid, whining bitch wanted to lead a Superpower and wasn’t able to stay away from a drink or three. The stupid, whining bitch has so little leadership, so little understanding that even now she is unable to see that she is the only one responsible for her own political undoing and, very possibly, jail.

The uncontrollable crying could, if you ask me, actually be the result of much more than the loss of the presidency. It could be the result of the sudden realisation that she has lost the system of power that kept her swimming in money and away from jail; that she is now, in other words, alone against the power of very angry FBI ranks and file, and without Comey, Obama or the DoJ covering for her every crime. Not a reassuring thought if you have the past (and present) of Hillary Clinton. 

When you have lived in a bubble for thirty year it is hard to discover the president and First Lady have stopped following you on twitter. But then you reassure yourself, thinking that with the unavoidable victory everything will be fine again. When the victory fails to materialise, suddenly the orange jumpsuit becomes a far more concrete prospect.

I will not join the unavoidable list of the “live and let live” people. Hillary represents exactly that kind of political rot that should not be allowed to fester more and more. She should be investigated thoroughly and without any favour and, if found guilty, she should be punished exemplarily. 

The first female candidate to the Presidency to end up in jail. That would be news. 

Orange, they say, is the new blue. 



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  1. This is a woman who told people they would basically have to change their religious beliefs,that dogma’s and fundamental beliefs would have to bend to her political policies.She effectively declared war on all God fearing Americans.She was not just running against Trump,she was going head to head with the Almighty ,with indirect support from a Pope.

  2. Bees are worthy creatures, more like Queen Rat.

  3. This insight into what drives Hillary reminds me of some Pope Francis actions during the American election:

  4. There is another angle. Fear. How do you think all of those countries who “donated” money to their “foundation”, in return for political favors, are going to react to her defeat? I think at the very least many of them will want their money back or they may expose her. I think her real fear is that those same countries will want her silenced.

  5. Oh to have been a fly on the wall

  6. I am laughing so hard. Make it stop, make it stop.

    Lets hope the year of Mercy is followed by the year of justice.

    1 week to go.

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