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Pope Commie



“It it has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the communists who think like Christians”.

Please read this again before going on. Take a moment to fully understand the scale of blasphemous subversion that is going on here. Then, you might recite a Prayer to St Michael the Archangel to counter the evil that is being spread on the planet.   

The Evil Clown has now officially endorsed Communism and, at this point, I do not think that there is any insult in the vocabulary that would not be appropriate for this despicable man. 

The millionth scandal of this utterly satanical Pontificate happened on occasion of just another interview with Eugenio Scalfari (the old, anticlerical atheist who has found in the Evil Clown an ideal fifth column to attack the Church and the faith). Please spare me the “Scalfari is old” mantra. Scalfari is very alert, and very smart. The Pope is stupid, but still his willing accomplice.

As always happened in the past, do not expect any correction from Francis.

It is, in a way, refreshing that such interviews happen. Francis has not become a Communist now; he has always been one. However, once become a Pope he has managed to avoid being too explicit about that. The fact is, he has noticed a long time ago that he can get away with pretty much everything. He has, therefore, no incentive whatsoever to hold his damn tongue. I am sure he enjoys the confusion he has once again spread among Catholics (those who still look to him as to a spiritual man and moral guide, and I pity and despise them), and smiles together with his buddy Scalfari at the new kick right in the backside of those dumb enough to give credence to what he says. But the fact is, the more he indulges in his petty desire to speak out his mind, abandoning every prudence, the more he helps people with a shred of sense left in them to understand what an evil man and what a menace for Christianity he is. And this is what is happening here: a petty old man finds himself increasingly less able to resist the temptation of shouting to the world what he really thinks, sure of impunity in this world and clearly not believing in the next.  

Francis is a communist. He has always been. He will very probably die one.

When a Communist is put at the head of Christianity what do you expect him to do? He will say that Communists are the ones with the authentic Christian thinking.

Makes sense. If you are a Commie.    


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