MSM Still Don’t Get It

Faux News titles today the news of the appointment of Steve Bannon as main advisor of President Elect Hillary Clinton (ha! Not! How sweet is that!?) Donald Trump with the big-lettered statement that it caused a massively negative reaction. You read the article and it turns out the negative reactions came exclusively from Democraps and Judases. So, no news here, but it's just another example of how the MSM will use every breath of every living being against Trump.

Meanwhile, the BBC has a Q & A session, and one of the questions is whether Trump will wage war against North Korea. Just like that. What Hitlery would have done with Russia does not seem to bother many at the Buggers Broadcasting Communism.

You see this everywhere. “Some say” that Bannon is Aryan Brotherood, or White Supremacist, or whatever helps to smear him. Who says it? What is his political orientation? What is his agenda? All this does not count. It is sufficient to hide behind the finger or “reporting” and nothing is off limits.

“Some say Hillary Clinton is involved in a paedophile ring”. This is fact, because some people do say so. You never hear it from the Libtard media, though…

Tv so-called pundits (with the right skin colour) call the electoral result a “Whitelash”: would they have called 2008 “Blacklash”?

How many “Some Say White Supremacists” have taken to the streets – blocking traffic, vandalising cars, and braking shop windows – to protest against Gay Mulatto's election in 2008? If they had done, how would the MSM have reacted?

This has become a parody of journalism, and it is clear by now these people have not learnt anything from their public humiliation. The MSM have dismissed Trump's victory as a kind of rare, barely believable natural phenomenon, and have proceeded to go back to full propaganda mode immediately afterwards.

Cut the MSM as source of information. Get your news from sensible places like Breitbart, Drudge Report, Gateway Pundit, Conservative Treehouse, Zerohedge, InfoWars, or American Thinker. Peep in the MSM only to spot the propaganda and expose it on your blog, your Twitter or Fagbook account, on Reddit, on fora, everywhere. Yes, this includes Glenn Beck.

At some point, money will talk and heads will fall. Perhaps we will, at that point, start to see something akin to “journalism” again. Until then, I encourage you to support sensible sources of information and completely discount whatever rubbish you see in the MSM.

By the bye: I am informed Kaepernick has apparently not even bothered to move his well-paid ass and vote.

We have the great advantage that our opponents are stupid.




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  1. I wonder how much we will hear about the post elections riots paid for by George Soros brings him to justice.

  2. Ah Brother, it is not a sin to smile. Or chuckle. Heh.

  3. Interesting speech by Bannon at a conference in the Vatican in 2014. To me it is spot on. Cardinal Burke was there.

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