A Very Special Thanksgiving

Defeated to 98% .... Said HuffPo....

The Great Night (I did not close an eye at all, and went to work the day after full of coffee and enthusiasm) is now nine days old, and no day has gone by without me thinking of what could have been if the Lord had wanted it otherwise, and sending a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord above for the great, great grace given to us.

I still shiver, every day, thinking of what the world would have become if the Lesbian Bitch had managed to make it. And as the trends of the USA pretty often tend to cross the ocean after a while, what would have happened to us, old and tired Europeans abandoned to the mercy of the likes of Hitlery and Merkel.

But the Lord was good to us. He heard our cry, and saw our tears. He gave us more than a reprieve. He gave us a great chance at a counteroffensive of epical proportions, a huge cavalry charge like this young and stupid century has not seen yet.

For the last nine days, I have had a sensation of optimism bordering on euphoria, as I realise that the double whammy of Brexit and Trumpening could be a replay of the greatest double whammy I have seen in my life, the Thatcher and Reagan one.

God helps those who help themselves. This is a huge occasion. On no account must it be squandered. Similarly, this is no time for “across the aisle” and “let's get along” waffle: the Libtard would not have had any mercy for you in victory, you should not have any mercy for them in defeat.

As my US American readers prepare themselves for Thanksgiving, we should (US American or not) reflect on how much we have to thank the Lord in this 2016, the Year of The Trumpening.



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  1. I agree completely. Neither America nor the world would have deserved anything better than Hillary Clinton, given what we have become in the last few decades. But the Lord, in His mercy, has decreed that we are to have another chance. Let’s not squander it again.

    Two points related to Trump’s election that I wanted to post here directly after the election, but could not for technical reasons:

    1) In September, I posted a comment which did not get published, with the following conclusion: “Even if Trump loses the popular vote by less than 1 or 2 points, he will likely be the next US President. He would carry states like Texas and Utah by less than Romney, and lose states like California, Colorado, Virginia and New Mexico by more, but make up for it in critical (and mostly white) swing state.” I noted previously that Trump had to win all Romney states and add Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, which is exactly what he did. He also added the demographically similar Michigan and Wisconsin, though by smaller margins, which he would not have needed to get to the White House.

    2) Trump’s margin among college educated whites (CEW) was depressed compared to Romney, mostly because he has been thoroughly demonized by the media. CEWs are, however, strongly Republican as a group. If he manages to prove to them that he is not going to reintroduce slavery and personally rape women (not a big if), they will return to the Republican ticket in 2020. Now suppose Trump actually keeps working class whites and adds Romney’s share among CEWs to it… in this case, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, possibly even Oregon which was close in 2000 and 2004 would go red.
    The Democrats would be reduced to Calfornia, New York, Illinois and a few East Coast states.We would be looking at a landslide close to Reagan 1984. And that is without considering the electoral effect of reduced immigration turning the southern border states and lots of big cities red again, putting New Mexico back in play.

    Now, go forth and Make America Great Again!

    • As Trumps literally wakes up the economy and energises the factory voters and the millions of less qualified workers who will find a job thanks to him, he will obliterate the Demorats like Reagan did in 1984.

      I remember you pointing me out to a link which considered the electoral results according to demographics, showing the huge impact of a resurgence of White vote. Exactly this happened, though I’d say it seems to have happened most in the states where Trump campaigned hard, and less in those where he didn’t.

    • This is partly correct (obviously, the effect is stronger, if you actually campaign for their votes, and voters get the chance to see you immediately, without hostile media filter), but compare the results in mostly white safe Republican states like the Dakotas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Wyoming etc. for 2012 and 2016. Also, Missouri, which was not a swing state in 2016, and Iowa which ceased to be swingy at some point in summer, had some of the biggest pro-Trump shifts compared to Romney. Trump did not campaign there, but whites came out to vote for him massively anyway.
      It did not happen in states with above average shares of college educated whites, such as Kansas, Texas, Arizona and, of course, Mormonistan. Trump fell short of Romney’s results there.

      In the next post (usual spam-avoidance protocol…), I will provide a link to an image from Nate Silver’s 538 showing Romney-Trump swings for all states. You will see that the effect in swing states where Trump campaigned was stronger than in other states, generally stronger in the Midwest, but the effect was in evidence wherever we find large numbers of working- and middle-class whites without college degrees.

    • The map confirms what I was (in general) thinking about, with California and Texas not performing as they could have. However, particularly concerning California I attribute that to the illegals voting.
      In the end, the general vote (not the percentage) confirms the Monster Vote did not materialise in good part of the country (the predictions of 135 to 140 million voters did not materialise either), but it was still more than enough to win comfortably where it counted.

      I hope the vote in california and elsewhere will be subjected to close scrutiny. It bugs me the libtards might insist the next four years with their bollocks about the “mandate”.

  2. It occurred to me how important a single man can be in directing everything from the culture of discourse to a nation’s disposition. Trump is an optimist. He’s a hard worker. What opportunities Obama squandered. He divided the country. Trump went into the lion’s den of black neighborhoods and came out with the lions’ endorsement. Right now, the losing side is doxxing the electoral college voters in key states that Hillary was supposed to have won. Voter intimidation. I’m not sure how far removed from reality the losers are, but they seem to be sliding deeper into their fevered imaginations that somehow, the electoral college will elect Hillary Clinton….and the nation will just…celebrate. Seriously. We have been governed for almost 30 years by a relentless cult of madness.

  3. Saying lots of Hail Marys in thanks. Praying also for the Burkening.

  4. Cabinet appointments are really fantastic as well too. I know I will be fully relieved come Jan 20 the day after the electoral college meets. I know from all I read the chances of the electoral voters becoming unfaithful and switching from Trump to Hillary are between extremely thin and non existent. It has only happened 175 times since the college began and congress still has to validate the results. This video does a good job explaining the college and why Hillary has little if any chance of changing the vote however her supporters are sending threatening emails to the electoral voters and even death threats, proof you can never trust the Clinton crime family. That is the sick mind of the liberal for you! Here is that youtube https://youtu.be/TXJuVvuNN1Y I know Donald will be sworn in come January but I am a worry wort, I wear both a belt and suspenders just in case!

  5. Amen! I hope Trump continues to ignore the liberal left as he makes his choices for his cabinet. The reactions are ridiculous, and the arrogant liberals are totally disbelieving that they can’t stamp a foot and change his plans, as they couldn’t believe the election results. They need to go to a ‘quiet, cushioned space’ and shut the hell up. IMHO.

  6. My feelings exactly. The thing I don’t understand is why more people cannot see it.

    Perhaps the following quote explains it.

    Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one. – Charles Mackay

  7. I said out loud to myself yesterday “this feels Reaganesque.”

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