Dubia: Sign The Petition Asking Francis To Do His Job!



“Not the petition, too…”


LifeSiteNews has posted a petition of support to the Cardinals asking Francis to answer the dubia. 

This is another of the tragicomic aspects of these days: faithful having to ask Francis to do his darn job and confirm the faithful in the faith.

You might say: it’s a useless petition, because he will do what he likes anyway.

My answer would be: it’s a useful petition, because he exposes Francis and keeps the attention on the dubia and the situation of, in fact, suspended heresy declaration for Amoris Laetitia. 

I invite you to have fun and sign the petition. Contribute with you little, honest nail to the coffin of this disgraceful Pontificate. 

Francis work and legacy do not deserve any (ahem) mercy. This pontificate must be nuked. Nothing must remain of it that a faithful Catholic would even remotely consider. You can give your little contribution to the post-Francis reconstruction whilst the man is still breathing.

Please consider signing the petition.  





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  1. Done. 🙂

  2. Of course! Signed and shared already!
    This petition is also a good way to see how many faithful and brave Catholics actually are today.

  3. Thank you for linking to the petition. I am going to reaffirm my rigidity in calling black black, and in loudly proclaiming my intolerance for separation of faith from life, as soon as I post this.

    Let us inform the Evil Clown that our Lord in His goodness and love gave as His commandments, because life without them is messy. The clown’s “philosophy” of “Life of the flesh is messy, let is get rid of the God-given order and create our own laws, geared toward indulging the flesh and creating more mess” is no match for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Jorge Bergoglio, over my dead rigid body!

  4. Here’s why the pope cancelled the consistory. Have some more popcorn.

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