Miracle: Pope Francis Gets It Right!



The pope said that when it comes to putting up with annoying people, one must remember how many times others have endured their own annoying habits.

I know, this is clearly a slap in the face of the Four Cardinals. Another petty move of a very petty man. 

But I wonder if there is one single Catholic who is not thinking of all the times in which Francis has abused the patience of the flock he hates. 



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  1. Very good. Pope Francis needs to listen to himself. Pronounce himself unfit for office and then resign.

  2. He has annoyed forever his “flock” in Buenos Aires, leaving the Church devastated as the filo-Marxist, indifferentist destroyer he is. Thus he must know what he is talking about. Crappy evil, lewd old man.

  3. Another new “work of mercy”? What? That of putting up with annoying people? Come on!!!

    • I think he meant “bear wrong patiently” and profited to make the example of himself…

    • M – thanks for the reply, and I disagree with your comment. Clearly he used the word “annoying”, but annoying does not imply “wrong”. When my kids were young they would annoy me with “why” at every opportunity, but yet there was no “wrong”. I think he’s making up a new work of mercy so that he can say that he’s practicing it, believing that his detractors will “see the light” of his inactions. Patience is a virtue, not an act of mercy.

      Deo Gratias!

    • I do not think for a moment he meant “annoying” in the way you think. I would have to know how he said it in Italian, but no, I think we can safely exclude that.

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