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Has the alarm gone off in the Vatican corridors?


At the end of a very surprising week, let us give some thought on what might (hypothetically) have happened. 

Francis approaches the SSPX with a view to a “reconciliation”. Either in order to see whether they can be trapped (I doubt this; even Francis must recognise they are smarter than him) or, more probably, to counterbalance his heretical project. “See? I want a very wide tent. Everyone will be invited. Let’s not be legalists, everything goes!”

As Francis’ work of destruction goes on, the talks with the SSPX are continued. Francis keeps them in the fridge, ready for use if the occasion arises. Any preliminary agreement would still need his approval, which could be withheld at his pleasure. Detailed agreements are explored. Texts are prepared. The only thing needed is for Francis to push the button.

This one is good to have in the freezer.  Also, when it is decided to do it there might be need for preparation work. This strategy is not new, or extraordinary. The Patti Lateranensi were ready many months before the official announcement, but Mussolini (R.I.P.) needed some time to “work” the party, still dominated by anti-Clerical influences. There is nothing strange in taking time in such matters.   

In September, Francis receives the Dubia letter. Being a clueless, uneducated individual, he initially dismisses it without further thoughts. But he asks around, and is made more familiar with the what and why of the Dubia letter.

Could it really be….? Really…?

Francis does nothing. However, the problem does not go away. He is unofficially warned that silence will not be taken as an answer, much less a satisfactory one. The SSPX is still in the back of his mind. But there’s no reason to play this card now. It’s better to do it, say, at the vigil of the next heretical encyclical letter, and after sending many signals about Francis being the pope of everyone. However, he makes double sure everything is ready.  

Four of the Cardinals go public. Merely hours thereafter, Cardinal Burke makes clear an official correction is in the cards if Francis stays silent. This can be anything from an affirmation of the heresy of some statements in Amoris Laetitia to the alternative for the Pope to recant or be declared a heretic. Francis speaks to Canonists and the rare experts in his entourage. Cardinal Mueller is worried, and he tells Francis so. Alarm bells start to go off, and they get louder by the day as the world press picks the story. His advisers tell him this is really serious, and it could become deadly serious. Francis will soon be seen by the entire Catholic world as a man suspected of heresy by his own Cardinals. Numbers don’t count, facts do. No precedents in more than 700 years.

The alarm bells are now deafening. He needs all the orthodoxy credentials he can muster, sharpish. 

Then the – typical of the man – impulsive, “off the cuff” decision: the button will be pushed now. A letter  is announced (only a few days in advance) to the press. The hoped- for “get out of the heresy trial-card” will be played now. Enter misericordia et misera.

I am not in contact with any fly in the Vatican walls. I have no idea what the document will contain. I am simply trying to connect some dots in a way that seems reasonable to me.   

We will know more in just a few hours. 



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  1. Why would SSPX want any part of Pope Francis? Seems to me there is only downside in hooking up with him.

    • If the Church offers reconciliation to you, you don’t say: “no, go away”.
      Lefebvre’s SSPX lived in perfect good standing for several years. They never felt the need to “kick themselves out” in any way.

  2. Very plausible, if you ask me. And since he has widened the tent on the left, including no need to repent of your sin, then how much more could he open it on the right? If he has half a brain (not claiming he does), he knows it is within his power to set the trap: Grant every provision demanded by the society, and invite them in. Under such an offer, and even with +Fellay seeing the trap, how can he say No?

    • Well if Fellay sees the trap, of course he will say “no”. He isn’t stupid. Posed in front of the alternative between closing the seminary and face “exclusion”, Lefebvre did not say “even seeing the trap, how can I see no?”


  3. I believe you are spot on. If the SSPX is “regularized” I imagine CMTV will invite Bishop Fellay to join them on their cruise.

  4. things get better & better. Even SNL has found a place. All we need do is get Fr. Bergoglio and all his FrancisCardinals to move there. https://youtu.be/vKOb-kmOgpI

  5. The SSPX should not enter any formal and legally binding ties with the Vatican. If they do, they can be sure that Francis will deal with them as he did with the Franciscans of the Immaculate. He will completely destroy them.

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