Obama Is The Worst Loser in 100 Years, And What This Might Mean For Us.

Never heard of this child? Tsk, tsk…



The recent, fantastic result of the 2016 elections shows a picture of complete and utter defeat for the Democrats not only in the Presidential race, where Hitlery was soundly defeated, but also at other levels of American government: Governors and state legislative chambers.

Never since 1920 has the lot of the Democrats been such a dire one. It is as if Obama had managed to bring his own party on the edge of the abyss in only eight years.

It’s not only the savage spending, the socialist rhetoric, the disastrous Obamacare, the kindergarten foreign policy, the anti White propaganda and the continuous stoking of racial hatred which did it. It is, to an extent, also the relentless war on common sense of Obama’s second mandate, from homosexual so-called marriage to the pushing of transgenderism. Less than one and a half year later, the White House lighted in rainbow colours has come back to bite him.

Therefore, when the Democrats stop whining and start examining in earnest what has gone so wrong for them, they will be forced to deal with the issues of fantasy sexual “identity” and fantasy sexual “morality” they have tried to impose on the American people. It has clearly not worked, as whatever traction they got among latte-sipping Whites with useless degrees appears to have been paid very dearly among more socially conservative Latinos, normal Whites, and even Blacks.

I might be a tad too optimistic here, and I realise the Democrats that count still live in a bubble largely populated by exactly those latte-sipping Whites, which is what made them so sure of victory. But defeat at all levels of government is a very good teacher, and they might well decide to look outside of the window, at the real world, and decide that this madness has got to stop.

I do not expect this to happen in the form of official repudiation of transgenderism or of other forms of sexual perversion. But when they realise these issues are toxic for many of the people they need, many Democrats that count might decide to tone down the rhetoric, and look with more favour at candidates (say, to Senator or Congressman, or to Governor and Mayor of major cities) who look at the matter in a more sensible way. In time, this might lead to the end of this sexual perversion craze, as the Republican side now unavoidably starts pushing more aggressively for mental sanity at all levels of public life, from the local mayor to the Mid-Term elections in 2018 and the, I hope and think, glorious landslide in 2020. This, particularly as the Democrats are about to be attacked most virulently on abortion, and might find it wise to abandon side battlegrounds in order to focus on the main one.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic. Perhaps I am just looking at the world around me. We shall see. But one thing is certain: the utter and complete Obama defeat puts us in the offensive on all fronts.



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  1. Sir, did you see the online video of the Houston TX “mother” who threw her 7 year old boy out of the house because he voted for Trump in a mock election at school?

    The woman recorded the incident on her cell phone and then posted it to FaceBook. It’s gone viral now and is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. But it surely makes a very strong point about Democrat voters. If you haven’t seen it and wish to, just google “little boy kicked out because he voted for Trump”. It’s garnered plenty of attention.

  2. ilovevictoriasbows

    Oscillation. It never ends. The internet has helped get the truth past the TV networks and newspapers. As the song goes, “Teach your children well,….” and get them out of the Novus Ordo while you’re at it.

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Obama’s on the way out. Unfortunately, New York City Mayor DeBlasio–another Marxist–is still in power. New York City is going downhill rapidly, too, thanks to his embrace of political and “sexual” correctness (that is, sexual perversion).

  4. Sorry. I don’t agree that they will reform their party or their positions, or that they will begin their long trek back to sanity. No. They will double down. I’ve already heard from some sources that the problem was that they didn’t go leftward enough. The rabid beast, which is the DNC, is wounded now, out for blood and is very dangerous.

    Frankly, I’m a bit surprised at your optimistic thought. I never taken you for a “rose-colored glasses” sort of fellow. My glass is always 1/4 full!

    • Oh, I wish they would double down! That will be eight to sixteen years of Republican reign!
      My glass is, by the way, pretty much always 3/4 full, and when it’s empty I look forward to the next bottle..

  5. I think you are being entirely optimistic. The Left are mentally incapable of seeing their position as being untenable. It is almost a mental disorder. They will go down to their deaths still believing in their evil. Meanwhile, thank GOD that there are more of us than there are of them. We have been given another chance to redeem ourselves. Hallelujah!

    • Actually I am being prudent.
      If the Left keeps being so stupid they will keep losing and the demolition of their fantasy world will go on even faster. But honestly, I think defeat is a stern and very efficient teacher.

  6. A leftist being terminally stupid. And note well his ideas of “morality”. Can this person actually run a business?)

  7. The White had cried out to God when they’ve seen country going down and God has answered them while the Demon-rats are still crying out loud like babies after the loss. Man. Have the dignity to accept the failure. No blaming on others except yourself. God has done marvelous deed! Deo Gratias.

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