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Time For Francis To Start Wearing A Grey Habit.



Seriously, who can have any doubt that Francis promotes heresy day in and day out? This is the last one I have read (I wish I could cope with everything).

When a Pope says that a theologina investigated for (obvious) heresy and strong opposition to Humanae Vitae   

was the “first to start looking for a new way to help moral theology to flourish again.”

how can you be in any doubt this is Modernist claptrap meant to do exactly one thing: promote what the Church condemns?

If he is so tired of “Black and White”, the man should start wearing a grey habit. Then, everyone would see he wears his own theology on himself.

I am truly sick and tired of this evil man. 




Courtesy of Father Z’s blog.


O Holy Night

#MAGA Sunday: “Literally Shaking” Edition

This is a good one: virtue-signalling libtard right at the start, followed by aggressive, very vulgar, possibly drunk losers (male urgently needs a diet). Not-so-shocking example of Black racism (may I say that on the Internet? Oh, Trump won! So yes, I still can…)  from 1:22 (you can skip the shocked libtard woman before that) and brilliant commentary from 1:55. At 3:45, self-centered millennial hopes we notice her tits, followed by an extremely rare, honest MSM commentary from 5:06. As we move towards the end, we are treated to the shock (also for the viewers) of a clearly homosexual obese male from 7:21. Following, a literally devastated SJW from 7:44 (she wants to show some cleavage, too) who should try to have a female boss for a change and tells us that she “thinks right” but then, always crying, surprisingly says she “chooses Donald Trump”because “it will always be a man’s world” (hilarious, but truthful hidden desire for male guidance; there might be hope for this one…)

At 8:39 you get the long, vulgar rant of the telecom SJW desperately trying to get some… Ryan with a show of passion so big, his belly shakes. No, it won’t work. Note he uses the F word so much, you know he wishes he were Black.

Dulcis in fundo, the pathetic spectacle of Obama mirroring Trump’s “manspreading” in order not to appear like the miserable fag he is in the presence of The Donald, who oozes manliness from every pore as Gay Mulatto desperately tries to appear statesmanlike in front of the one who will destroy his disgraceful “legacy”.







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