#MAGA Monday: The Whole NBC Enchilada!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening browsing through this, and comparing it with my own experience. 7 P.M. Eastern Time was Midnight here in the UK, so I could easily compare the unfolding of the events on NBC with my own night, spent (without closing an eye, and I will remember this until the day I die) on much better informed sites until victory became a factual certainty, and then switching to the MSM coverage to enjoy watching them cringe.

Those who followed the event with people who knew what they were talking about (Sundance at The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse is a prime example, but I also found the NYT county-by-county live “map” report extremely useful) knew Florida was clearly gone around 9:20 P.M. Eastern time. The NBC people kept talking about Michigan, but they completely slept on Pennsylvania and Wisconsin turning Republican, which they discovered (or pretended to discover) way too late in the evening. They also clearly stopped talking about Florida when the facts had already spoken, but they did not want to admit the inevitable. It was deception every minute of it, carefully veiled at the start and more and more panicked (and resentful) later. 

You can have a lot of fun watching here how the events unfolded and the tide supposedly turned (“turned” for them, I mean. I went into the night knowing from the start Trump was the favourite). You can also clearly notice how the relatively neutral tone at the beginning of the night turns increasingly more bitter as the events belie the leftist narrative. Insults to Trump start to abound after it becomes clear he is winning *big*, and every pretense of impartial journalism is abandoned by many of the blabbering heads. 

One last thing I would like to note, as it seems to me it has not been sufficiently reported. 

John Podesta appears and says every last vote must count. You would think this is the result of the  decision to wait that all votes are counted before conceding. However, pretty much at the same time as Podesta was speaking Hitlery was calling Trump to… concede. The cowardly dyke had decided to lie once again, to her own biggest fans! She wanted to have the control of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, but she could not face people who have donated a lot of time, money and effort to her and tell her she has lost. The reports that she sobbed hysterically for hours, had to be restrained when she tried to physically attacking Podesta and got drunk appear entirely realistic. 

Still, one should be gracious to the loser. Therefore, I will limit myself to saying that Hillary Clinton is a huge piece of shit. 

Enjoy the video, and come back to see it again when you feel like it. Browse around, pick a time, jump back and forth, and literally enjoy the show…


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  1. I was up all night. I was watching FoxBus on the internet. Great coverage. Haven’t watched FoxBus because they used to have some clown on there. It turns out now that they replaced him with some Brit (Stuart Varney). It was great since the coverage was balanced. I highly recommend FoxBus in the future. 😉

    • Fox Business is so much better than the news channel. I wonder how long will it take until the Murdoch brothers notice it and ruin that, too.

    • They are already putting out feelers.

      Rumor has it that they want to bring in the EPIC FAILED Zucker from CNN to run Fox News and make Magyn Kelly the new face of a “moderate” Fox.

      Rumor also has it that the young Murdochs are really having emotional problems because they don’t get invited to the NY social functions.

      I guess hurt feelings are more important than shareholder value these days. And News Corp is just the latest.

    • if I were Trump I’d cut off the MSM entirely.
      Interviews are given exclusively to Breitbart and the like.
      He would create a new alternative news industry in just a few years.

    • I agree.

      This might also be what’s behind the social platforms censoring the alternative media, like Breitbart.

      They could be getting ready to ban direct communications from Trump to the populace. Call it a conspiracy theory, but we know how those have been turning out recently….

      PS Referendum in Italy this Sunday. Very big in my opinion. Either way it goes, Italy will have to leave the Euro area. It’s just a matter of time. Your thoughts?

      BTW, you miss Berlusconi yet? 😉

    • I think Italy will have to suffer more before they leave the Euro, they have been brainwashed for too long.
      The importance of the referendum has been vastly exaggerated once Renzi made clear he will not step down if he loses.
      You will notice that we have our share of headlines now predicting all sort of evil (like banks’ collapse) *if NO wins*.
      Boy, these people never learn.
      Italy should have got years ago that unless your name is Germany, Netherlands or Austria the Euro will strangle you. It will merely strangle you more slowly than Greece.
      I’ll say it here: I want the Lira back.

    • Yes, these people never learn.

      And Renzi, will not resign.

      But eventually the “powers that be” (EU/Draghi, cough, cough) will get a 5Star/N.League government. And then they will curse the day that they deposed Berlusconi.

      How’s that for a “god of surprises” moment?

    • I agree with you that 5 Star are beautifully honest and tragically incompetent. However, more and more people in Italy start to think that it is better to pay whatever price must be paid in order to allow a new class of politicians to learn the ropes, rather than to continue having in power an entirely corrupt “uniparty” political class demanding to be reelected forever because hey, they know how to dupe the voters.
      What grates me most of 5 star is not the incompetence (this is the obligatory result of Grillo’s “hard and pure” approach and I am sure he is fully aware of the implications; the man is a first-class political animal, like Trump), but the cheap populism and, most of all, the left-leaning.

    • It’s amazing that a country that is on the brink of economic collapse, overwhelmed by invading hordes, and a disintegrating social order can only produce politicians that are either clowns (Renzi, Grillo) or completely vapid functionaries (Monti, Prodi, etc.).

      I had a soft spot for Berlusconi, but in the end it turned out that he was more interested in saving his business (and staying out of jail) then saving the country. He allowed his government to be overthrown by Draghi and the ECB/EU, instead of doing what was right and leaving the Eurozone. And 5 years later, nothing’s changed… actually it has gotten worse and Italy will still have to leave the Euro, if the Euro doesn’t disintegrate first. What a waste of time and perfectly good money.

      But you know what the biggest disappointment is? The Church. You can see a Manif Pour Tous type of movement, but it would appear that there is nobody in the hierarchy that is willing to support them. Talk about complete abandonment of the flock.

      Sad, very say!

    • You got to the root of the problem. The abandonment of the clergy is the main cause of the moral disorientation and with the moral disorientation comes the inability to select the right people.

      Berlusconi – whom I always despised as a man, though I admired his qualities as political, salesman and PR bastard – was able to capitalise for a long time from the desire of many Italians for a solidly Catholic, socially conservative structure. His betrayal when the demographic started to thin out says it all about his personal moral code.

    • After the REFERNDUM, we might just see early elections in Feb ’17. 😉

      NO >60% with 70% frequency. That is YUGE!

    • YUGE!
      Which is why Renzi (who had backpedaled many times on his promise to go) really had to pack. of course, he tried to look good by saying that he is “different” from the others and admits when he lost. For heaven’s sake, he had lot “lost”. He was raped.

    • I’m not an authority on Italian politics, but it appears to me that Italy should be heading for early elections. If not, the PD will be decimated in 2018, after holding power, doing NOTHING, knowing and saying that they can’t do anything and wasting a perfectly good year in the process.

      Wouldn’t it be better for them to pull the plug on their parliament, i.e. early elections, like Renzi pulled on his premiership?

      If the above is correct, it creates a situation where the leftists and the Eurocrats have divergent interests. The latter wants to keep control over Italy as long as it can to spot Italeave. (Italian Brexit).

      So we should be seeing fireworks in the interim.

    • Everyone is terrified of Grillo. Grillo is not a “political” man, he is an all-or-nothing revolutionary. The PD wants to regroup and go to the elections when, hopefully (for them), the novelty and enthusiasm for the 5-star movement has worn out (they have mayors in important cities like Rome and Turin now, they better deliver…).
      More importantly for us, the right coalition will probably profit from waiting, as the anti-euro and anti-immigrants rage has not reached the boiling point yet. The Lega Nord officially wants the election (that’s what you must say in Italy, otherwise you look weak), but I am pretty sure they prefer to wait.

    • Do you see any kind of a movement/force in Italy that is Catholic and could create or support a party that could win an election? Eventually…

      I was very impressed by the turn out in support of marriage (against aberro-unions) early this year. Yet I don’t see any political movement that is willing to take these people on board.

      As opposed to France. The Manif pour tous has been so successful that most likely two Catholics (Fillon and Le Pen) will be in the final round in next year’s presidential elections. And what is even better, the young Le Pen (Marion) is SSPX, and the SSPX is a big organizer of Manif.

      Yet I can’t identify anything even close to this type of a “structure” or movement in Italy.

      You see anything on the horizon?

    • I honestly don’t for the moment. It would need years of awakening and the support of the Church, and a lot of time.
      Renzi calls himself a “practicing catholic” and introduces civil partnership legislation. No one pelts him with foul tomatoes. Meloni had a baby outside of wedlock. Salvini is a divorced man living with his concubine. The Church does not push for the right kind of politician and does not punish the likes of Renzi.

    • Not a wise choice and I doubt the President will play with it. in Italy, the President has now all the cards in his hands, and if he says we wait, we wait.
      Mattarella does not seem intentioned to satisfy Renzi (hope you understand Italian)
      Renzi is trying to cling to power, and put the Italians in front of the choice between him and the deluge.
      Bastard as ever.
      I don’t think it will work.

    • Don’t read Italian, but a “certain search engine’s” translator did the trick.

      Anyways, I completely agree, time is ticking for Beppe. He has to move and move fast because… like with all populist movements, time is on the side of the status quo. Gloria transit sic mundi.

      What I would take issue with is the waiting by Mattarella. If he waits, he risks crushing the Pd. And it is the Pd that put him in his position. It’s just like with Monti, it he didn’t wait for a year after Draghi overthrew Berlusconi, he would have gotten a bigger vote. But that year just atrophied his political base.

      Reading between the lines in the article, it appears that the establishment will rework the electoral law to make it hard for Grillo to call for the Euro referendum, and if he gets it, then get it through both chambers to get Italy back to the Lira. And once they get the electoral law done, they will call elections.

      Aside, what’s very, and I mean very odd is that the illegal immigration waves have not reached their boiling point. I mean, the Soros/UN are importing the Africans at an alarming rate. And Renzi has a hand in this…

    • Mattarella will not put the interests of the PD before the interest of the Country. We need a clarification on the electoral vote, and cannot allow Renzi to say “now that I have lost I demand that the country chooses between me and chaos”.
      It’s up to the PD to organise themselves. Mattarella won’t do their homework for them. I am glad how he reacted yesterday. The situation is pretty fluid, though…

    • Draghi was never PM. Monti wasn’t supposed to be a professional politician. in Italy we have a tradition of “technicians’ governments” that do the unpleasant things (raising taxes, steering the country in difficult times) without any party having to take the brunt of the resulting unpopularity. Monti becam etoo ambitious in time, and though he can become a political force in himself. A very stupid move.

    • Draghi was always slated for “bigger things”. With a debt load the size of Italy, not to mention the insolvent banking sector, the real power has moved to Frankfurt. And Draghi reins.

      With Mattarella and Renzi, it would appear that the former is engaging in an exercise of “can kicking”, holding out as long as possible an praying for a miracle (EU interest at heart), while the later is trying to “get the hell out of Dodge”, a la Cameran post Brexit. (self interest at heart)

      What I am finding interesting is watching how these respective interests diverged. Which means early elections are in the cards.

      As to the Catholic Church in Italy: SAD 😦

      What surprises me though is that the SSPX hasn’t made bigger inroads into Italy. In France, they have 235 chapels whereas in Italy they only have 29. You would think Italy would be much more accommodative to the Proper Mass than France, yet this is not the case. It would appear as if the demand is just not there. And if real Catholicism is not organized, then Catholic political movements don’t “happen”. Maybe it’s just that simple.

    • Lefebvre was a Frenchman, and I think France was more polarised. Italy was – probably still is – more Catholic on average, but with less “duri e puri”. Italians are – with all their great saints – a strange mixture of diffuse piety and aversion to real orthodoxy. I am not surprised at all that Italy isn’t the focal point of the reaction to V II.

      I think you are being unfair to Mattarella. The man would never put the interest of the EU before the one of his own Country. He will do what he thinks is most prudent and appropriate for the present time. Adventures and jumps in the dark are, evidently, not what he thinks best.

      Personally, I think it’s far better to vote in 2018 with a realistic chance of centre-right victory than to vote now with two possible outcomes: PD or 5 Stars.

    • W/r/t Mattarella, I stand corrected.

      Good to here there are still people that take the interests of the nation seriously.

      As to elections, I don’t see any conservative party in Italy on the horizon. I see that a part of the Forza Italia moved to Beppe. LN is still a regional party. More “free market” libertarian than conservative. So where would the conservative vote go in 2018?

    • LN is trying to escape from the “regional party” image. They are trying to do it by focusing on Salvini only in the rest of the Country. It might well work, because Salvini isn’t your father’s leghista. He is in favour of the flat tax, imagine that. He has a breadth of conservative values that is way beyond the limited traditional LN message. But I think they need time to consolidate and have people get accustomed to voting the right arm of the LN.
      It’s all hypothesis, of course. it might never work. But I think it will work better in 2018 than in 2017 for sure.

    • Former rather leftist youth, from a very well known, “black nobility” family (google Patto Gentiloni), generally considered moderate, smart and good at intermediation, which is why he was the Foreign Office Minister. He will be a placeholder for Renzi, but is certainly an improvement.
      Italy is a complicated Democracy. Renzi is not the Prime Minister anymore, but he still is the kingmaker of a king he can throw out of the window. Gentiloni is as good as it gets in these circumstances. I was hoping Mattarella would pick him or Padoan.

  2. I sighed when I saw it was the entire eight hour video instead of highlights. But then as I toggled through, it really is best to have it all. What an incredible night as it unfolded, and the incredulous panic begins to set in. Oh joyfull night!

  3. Mundabor, we need to pray like hens being attacked by foxes that Pope Francis and Company undergo the same deserved defeat.

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