Cardinal Lehmann Mad, Or Drunk, Or Heretic, Or All Three

In a further demonstration of how far the cancer of Modernism has spread within the highest ranks of the Church, One Peter Five reports, in an article about the Dubia, this stunning affirmation of Cardinal Lehmann. 

“For that matter, what, then, is hindering us from taking married deacons – who perform a great service in the Church – and then ordaining them so that they may also take over priestly duties?”

The easy answer to this is “Church discipline and what would happen to such a bishop afterwards, you old nincompoop”. The more elaborate answer is: “why are you still allowed to wear your red habit? Nay, your priestly habit?”

A retired Cardinal inviting his colleagues to such acts of open disobedience has no business whatsoever being a priest, much less a bishop, much less a Cardinal. 

And a hypocrite, too. The man never performed such an act of open disobedience when he was intent in climbing the ladders of the hierarchy, but he now wonders what prevents any of his German colleagues from being immediately suspended and, likely, kicked out altogether eventually.  

This man was made a Bishop in 1983, and then a Cardinal in 2001, by John Paul the Not-So-Great. He was, by the way, at the head of the German Bishop’s conference. Goats and gardeners come to mind. 

The cancer has been spreading for a long time. 

This man should be invited to retract his scandalous affirmations or being defrocked. But hey, in the time of FrancisMercy this seems somewhat improbable. 


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  1. He is thinking like a business guy which he most probably is. Isn’t the Church in Germany largely about money?

  2. I wonder how many of these deacons went through the many years of theological, moral, and rigorous spiritual training that used to be required. I guess nothing is logical or rigorous any more, just touchy feely wishful thinking. One despairs what has become of standards.

  3. I have often wondered why some of these cardinals and bishops are not defrocked. The ones in Germany are a prime example.
    Yet, it seems they want to have Cardinal Burke defrocked if only for asking for clarification.
    God help us.

  4. Card. Lehman could be on the list of Masons as Fr. Pinto. God with mercy will reveal all the enemies of the Church so that the faithful got no confused. Deo Gratias.

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