Is It War Already?


Not there yet…


There is an achingly beautiful article from Hilary White on One Peter Five that I would suggest my reader take the time to read. It is, if you wish, a tale of redemption, the announcement that the Cavalry has finally showed up or, as the author beautifully said, 

For us English, living on short rations in our bomb shelters, it is like hearing that the Americans have finally decided to join in.

The fundamental premise of the article is a handful of concepts that I repeat often: 1) Pope Francis is the unavoidable consequence of a rot that has been forming in the last fifty years. He is, if you wish, the explosion of a huge bubo that had been growing in the past half century whilst the vast majority praised the full airport masses of popes who kept appointing heretics as bishops, and kept tolerating heresy in many overt or covert ways at all level of Church life. 2) Francis has now come, as a plague allowed by the Lord to show us whereto our madness leads; to show us, in a word, that we can’t have Vatican II and orthodoxy at the same time. 3) These are great times for a faithful Catholic, because we can live and die in allegiance to Christ when all the world is against us. This is, as I have also stated, our very own “finest hour”.   

However, I must disagree with the author of the linked article concerning two points: whether the war has already started, and whether the Cavalry has really showed up. 

At the cost of being cynical, I must repeat that I still do not have much trust in the will of the four Cardinals to really start a conflict. If I were from Missouri, I would say “show me”. The Cardinals have pointed their cannons on Fort Sumter, but they haven’t started the cannonade yet. After months of silence from our hierarchy (including the four), I’d say I will wait until I see the smoke from the guns before I consider this war started.

In the same vein, up to now the interventions in favour of the four Cardinals have been few and far between: a couple of bishops here (I recall three in total), half a Cardinal there. Not much. If, for example, the entire Polish Bishops’ Conference were to release a hard-worded statement demanding that Francis answers the dubia, and does it in the proper way, then I would be persuaded that a strong front line is forming or, if you wish, that a Confederate Army is now operative. What I see up to now is… not much. 

Then there is the big question of what happens next. I would like to share Ms White’s optimism that the dubia are the sign that things will soon improve, but I can’t get myself to think it. Decades of cowardice are not likely (bar a huge Divine intervention) to be overcome in a matter of months or in a few years. The poison of V II runs deep in the veins of the Church (actually, it runs pretty deep even in the veins of the Four Cardinals). The confrontation, if it comes, is likely going to end, at least initially, with the crushing of the opposition of Francis and the complicit silence of most of our clergy. What happens next is everyone’s bet, but when I look at our bishops I see an army of 8,000 kitten unfit to wage I do not say a war, but a loud meowing.  

Then there is the matter of the apparition of Our Lady in Quito. I believe in the apparition, and am therefore braced for much, much worse than we see today. At some point, I expect Francis – or his successors – to try to “merge” Catholics and Lutherans, or declare Marxism part of the social teaching of the Church, or such like. I expect the bubo to not only explode, but to spread his pus everywhere, probably for decades. Fifty years of madness aren’t forgotten because of four not entirely sane (remember: they are part of the same madness!) Cardinals. Actually, I have a hunch that fifty years of drunken madness might well have to be paid with fifty years of excruciating pain. 

But yes, it is a great time to be a Catholic. We will, possibly in the next half century, live and die believing in the faith of our Father amidst a world that ridicules and insults us.

It is a great Grace the Lord is giving us.  

At some point, from somewhere, a handful of great generals and fearless heroes like General Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson will appear, and these Lees and Jacksons will lead us to victory; because whilst Lee’s and Jackson’s eventual defeat was almost inevitable, our own victory is already providentially ordained.  

But I doubt that this will happen in my lifetime, and encourage my readers to prepare themselves to decades of conflict whatever happens; even if the Four Cardinals abandon us, or are left completely isolated, or are declared heretics by the Evil Clown. 

As to myself, as I write this I can’t even have the consolation of at least seeing the start of the war. 




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  1. Yes, Hilary White’s column has much to recommend it, but you have taken a more sober approach. I don’t have much faith that bishops will speak publicly. They fear causing more division (hahahahaha!) and I think they fear the loss of souls if the S__T hits the fan. So we prepare ourselves by staying in the state of grace – no one can take that away from us.

    • I’ll say cowardice is the motivating factor, not loss of souls.
      No bishops could ever justify his silence in front of heresy, which causes loss of souls, with the fear of loss of souls if the heresy is left free to spread like a cancer.

  2. I think there are two ways this will play out. The first one is that the courageous example of the four Cardinals will inspire many more faithful prelates to express opposition to the Pope. Then if the Pope does not retract his heresies, they would proceed with formal corrections and then call for a council which would successfully depose him. That is the dream scenario. The reality scenario is that the opposition remains small. They will continue to be attacked and reprimanded by Francis’ pitbulls (for example, his new American Cardinals), demoted, then ignored. Francis and his successor clone will continue with their mission of de-Catholicizing the Church. All the while, most of the pewsitters in Novus Ordo land don’t know/don’t care what is going on behind the scenes. The true Catholics, the traditionalists, are a small minority in the Church. Some of them may be hoping for a schism, but I don’t see what that accomplishes, and may lead to sedevacantism. The SSPX, if they continue as they are, will have a very important role to play in the future.

    I agree with you that unless Divine Intervention occurs, it may take a long time for the Church to return to normalcy. In the meantime, we keep our faith and traditions, pray, and proselytize as best we can.

    • Perhaps our proselytizing efforts should focus on people who are not in any church at all, since most of my Protestant friends (at least, the evangelical ones, who actually believe in the Bible) are scandalized by what they see Francis doing. What’s always kept them away from Catholicism is the issue of the papacy. Francis is sure not making them any more approachable on that issue!!!

    • The right way is, I think, present to the candidate convert a strong, vivid image of Traditionalism; the criticism of Francis should be proactively anticipated and countered with the same criticism, from a Catholic perspective.

  3. I hope you are not ill.
    Our war against Satan is ongoing, but now he has taken over the Vatican. These heretics are very determined in promoting their errors, so the useful idiots will first have to see the fruit of their love, unity and world peace (as though communism and atheism are something new), to wake up and discover our Lord, Jesus Christ.
    I do not think of this current time as good for us, Catholics. If I still lived in Poland, where the Church and president proclaimed Jesus Christ the King, I might be a little more optimistic. Here in Canada the disgrace of a catholic Prime Minister praises Castro, and never misses an opportunity to promote sodomy. He is a catholic as the current pope.
    I never could digest hypocrisy. One can fall into error, I understand, and I pray he sees it. But I am very devastated by the insincerity, lukewarmness and heresy among seemingly intelligent people, especially people of influence, policy makers, artists, priests and educators.

    • Thanks, I feel fine as I write this. When I say that I will die in the middle of thi smess I mean that I expect it to go on for decades.
      You said it beautifully concerning the whitened sepulchres a la Trudeau (father and son).

  4. Love the art at the head of the post, but the analogy is in reverse. The ones being fired on at Sumter were the good guys (defenders of orthodoxy), while the attackers were the rebels (heterodox) trying to blast things to pieces. I see the four cardinals as the besieged defenders, and I’m just hoping that, unlike Major Anderson 165 years ago, they will get some miraculous help so they won’t surrender under the constant bombardment they’re getting!

    • I disagree.
      If you ask me, the ones firing on Fort Sumter were the ones exercising their right to set themselves free from a federal government seen as tyrannical. The ones being fired were illegally occupying a vital military post of a state that had already declared his secession.
      As this might start a discussion that goes on forever, I think the issue can stop here.
      For the record, the Papal States went very near to recognising the Confederacy.
      Pope Pius IX donated to Jefferson Davis, in jail, a crown of thorns made by his own hands.
      Things are not always as the victor tells you they are.

  5. Sorry, Mundabor, I think the difference between us is that I see slavery, like abortion, as the central moral issue of the day, and its defenders as benighted, and objectively propagating evil whether they BELIEVED it was evil or not. I see abortion and slavery as parallel issues in almost every way — from a hideous Supreme Court decision (Dred Scott in 1857; Roe in 1973) that denied that a whole class of people had any rights, to an entrenchment in society that runs so deep that the whole economy and culture revolves around it. (Consider that 1/3 of the babies in this country are killed before birth, and then tell me that that doesn’t affect our economy! As for the culture, would relations between the sexes not be a bit different if women didn’t have abortion as a “backup”? I actually had a guy who was trying to seduce me years ago on our very first date say, “What’s your hangup? You can always get an abortion!”)

    Dr. J.C. Willke is a Canadian OB-GYN who was one of the first leaders in the pro-life movement, even before Roe v. Wade. His book “Abortion and Slavery: History Repeats Itself” is well worth reading.

    As for Pope Pius IX, as we have seen before and since, even well-meaning popes are human. And as for the Papal States considering recognition? As we have seen, the Vatican is capable of making mistakes. The story about the crown of thorns is touching, but that doesn’t prove either Pius or Jeff Davis correct. (And Jeff Davis was very, very lucky to only be in jail, and even that for a relatively short period of time. Technically, he was guilty of treason, a crime normally incurring the death penalty. In a sane and just society, all the promoters of baby-killing in our own day would be serving prison sentences!)

    • The perspective is wrong.
      The war was not fought about slavery. Lincoln – who had publicly stated he was not interested in touching the institution – issued the emancipation proclamation only in September 1862, after being severely punished by the Confederate armies for one and a half year.
      Even so, Lincoln never dared to free the slaves he had under his own control in the Union. He freed the slaves of the enemy.
      This is more than a tad like Mussolini emancipating the British Colonies during WW II.

      You can trust Pius IX to have thought the matter once or thrice before doing something so unprecedented. No, it does not mean Pius IX was in favour of slavery. General Lee wasn’t, either. Nor were many of the brave Confederate soldiers who fought and died for their own country.

      The treason argument is senseless. The right of the States to secede was not seriously put into question by constitutionalists of the age. Secessions had been threatened before by both Southern and Northern states. Jefferson Davis was put in jail for political reasons.

      And seriously, there shall be no more debate about this.


  6. I see the war beginning on the day the curtains of VII opened and the Cardinals looked upon an entirely changed schema of things to be pondered during this ecumenical council of Pope Johnny XXIII. The seeds of infamy were sown on that day.

    satan was there blowing. The Modernists and others of the web of evil (masonry) dropped their words around confusing all but the most well grounded in their faith. Like Cardinal Ottaviani and Cardinal Baffi who presented the Intervention. And Archbishop Lefebvre!

    The Novus Ordo was given to the ‘People of God’ on April 4, 1969. The newly named People of God were just getting used to their new name … changed from Roman Catholic. Some of them even had the ‘gall’ to think that this name had a Communist ring to it when – whammo – their Mass was taken away from them.

    Yes, where were the good ones all this time? Let’s pray that God bestow the gift of Fortitude upon our Cardinals who are beginning to come out of the coma of the super force.

    End of rant.

  7. The history has been distorted and dis-informed with purpose of causing division that the reason why 78% of American today not trusting it. You’re a learned man!

    • Winners make history. Those who are interested in more depth can still find a lot of credible sources, though.
      I am now reading the Politically incorrect guide to the south (I like the “politically incorrect” series). What is astonishing there is not the narrative chosen by the author, which could be manipulated or biased. It is the rich quotes from official, historical documents.

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