Dubia: Please Welcome Cardinal Napier Among The Judases


On the right, Cardinal Napier. 


The Dubia affair is, already at this early stage, causing all sorts of traitors to emerge. We must be clear that many of those will be Bishops and Cardinals accustomed to be orthodox only when this is not really dangerous for one’s privileges and position.

One example is Cardinal Napier, who released an obscene series of tweets defending Pope Francis’ non-anser to the Dubia. 

The paucity of the man was fully revealed when he, himself, refused to reply to the last tweet, with which a faithful Catholic confronted the Cardinal with the obvious stupidity of his position. 

We have come to this: the faithful publicly teach the faith to those who should protect it and teach it to them. 

Cardinal Napier can take his place among the Judases. 

We keep siding with the Lord. 




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  1. I truly defended this man, and applauded him actually, when Frank Bergoglio’s henchmen Kasper made the disgraceful reference to Africans. He really seemed like unto one of the good guys. How wrong I was.

  2. On St. Patricks Day, 2013, in a BBC interview with Stephan Nolan this Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church stated: “from my experience paedophilia is actually an illness….” and on and on he went further condemning himself.

    Cardinal Napier has an illness. God help the man! It is a form of spiritual insanity, or, as Sister Lucy called it … “diabolical disorientation.”

    When he was confronted with truth by a tweeter, he didn’t ‘get it’ … willfully or not who knows? Pontius Pilate said “what is truth?” And … he was looking at It.

  3. One more big shot traitor exposed! Thanks God.

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