The Spirit Of “Mad Dog” Mattis, Or: Make Catholic Blogging Great (Again)!



The appointments of President Elect Trump continue to surprise. There is a freshness, a bluntness, an utter disregard of the whining comments of professional blabberers in many of his appointments that is utterly exhilarating; Trump’s attitude is most evident, I would say, in the choice of people like Bannon, Sessions, or Mattis.

Mattis’ appointment truly is an example of how much can be achieved if the President does not care of what the MSM will say. I link here to a fairly comprehensive list of Mattisisms   that I hope will not only amuse and entertain you, but will also be found instructive.

Please consider this chap is being appointed minister of Defence. I cannot recall anyone remotely similar to him (with the partial exception of our very own Francesco Cossiga, who was more diplomatic and was never defence secretary, though he was undersecretary) appointed to the same office in any Country I have inhabited.  

I always hated the pussyfooting, the terror of being considered impolite, the utterly unmanly self-censorship of so many who write Catholic blogs, and seem obsessed with what would happen if their neighbours read their blog and discovered they have called Hillary “bitch” (as an aside, it seems to me this kind of sensitive blogger is the most likely to tell all his neighbours he does, in fact, write a blog; so it’s vanity and virtual faggotry at the same time, and they feed from each other). This pussyfooting is, all too often, the indication of a mentality that either does not understand the stakes, or does not care for them. Every soul has infinite value. You do what helps in contributing to the salvation of as many souls you can, in every way you can. Politeness is, in this context, infinitely irrelevant.

I am sure General Mattis can be very polite if he wants to. But clearly, he also understands when the stakes are high enough that it is time to go the other way. If more of this spirit were present in the Catholic blogosphere, it would help our cause an awful lot.  

Keep your politeness for afternoon tea, and call Hitlery a bitch.

Make Catholic Blogging great (again).




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  1. Hillary is not alone in her “bitchiness”, Jill Stein is also a member of that club. So far Donald is batting 1000 in his cabinet picks, what makes the selection of Mad Dog Mattis so special is he is like Trump. Trump is the blue collar Billionaire and Mattis the blue collar soldier both are able to identify with the common man. Mattis is a warrior general and not a political general like Colin, the backstaber Powell. It will be a wonderful next 4 years!

  2. I did this right before, and after, the election. I was accosted by a coworker regarding Trump’s followers, and how horrible they are. I explained that I was one, and she was dumbfounded. Not that she had any concrete thing to say about him, or about Hillary’ own positions. Just that he was horrible. After the election, a coworker confided in me that he was deeply disturbed by the election and those horrible people who don’t know why they voted for Trump. I asked him kindly to name a position of Trump’s he disagreed with and he mentioned immigration. I asked him what would happen if any country accepted unchecked immigration and he reluctantly agreed. But he seems no longer to speak to me. Funny.

  3. “To Marines, he is the finest of our tribal elders. The rest of the world, very soon, will know how truly gifted he is. Our friends and allies will be happy he is our new secretary of war; our enemies will soon wish he weren’t.”

  4. Hi Mundabor, I have just seen that constitution reform in Italy hasn’t been approved by the referendum. It seems Renzi will resign. I am Latin American but have Italian citizenship, and never cared much for voting in Italian elections, but seeing the “wind of change” that is blowing in the Northern Hemisphere (first in the US, and now it seems to be arriving to Europe) what in your opinion is the best Italian party in the defense of conservative values? Lega Nord, Fratelle d’Italia?

    • Not much to choose from. I would pick Lega. i don’t think we will be called to vote yet. Renzi has been asked to stay some other day to approve the budget, btw.
      If you ask me, the Lega has the best program and the strength to pull it through. I don’t really warm to Fratelli d’Italia, a party whose main figure is a single mother living, last time I looked, in concubinage, but Salvini (the lega boss) isn’t much better either (divorced, concubine, public mistress). Bastard for bastard, the Lega has far more pulling power.

  5. You couldn’t be more correct,
    A soldier in battle does not ask of his enemy, ever so politely – would you be terrible offended, if I expressed disagreement with your boss? Before we engage, would you like some hot chocolate in a safe space?
    We are fighting the globalization of evil and stupidity via politeness (political correctness). The enemy wants to shame us for not adopting politeness toward those who want to kill us, destroy the souls of our children.

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