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Hark! The Herals Angels Sing

On Sowing And Reaping


Raped and murdered by one of the Afghan “Guests”. 


The case of the 19-years old German woman raped and murdered makes big waves again in Germany after a suspect was arrested. The suspect is a 17 years old Afghan who entered the Country illegally, then filed asylum request as “unaccompanied minor”. A precedent for violence the Police hushed up. The national (publicly owned) television refusing to report because the news is apparent only of “regional” relevance. As a Tweet in German says, the blood of this young woman is on Merkel’s hands. 

However, is it only on Merkel’s hands? I doubt it. 

I read from other sources that the victim was helping in one of those structures where young Afghan would-be rapists are able to select potential victims. I have also read she was the daughter of a EU functionary. None of this might be true, but it certainly is credible, as we have seen in several other cases that women were raped by the same mongrels they were “helping to integrate”.

Stupidity has a price. Individually as well as collectively.

Once again, we see what happens when the brains are switched off and feel-good feeling are the only thing that count. Sowing and reaping come to mind.

Keep going this way, Germany. Keep having your daughters raped and murdered. One day, you will recover sanity. 


Four Mongrels Down, One Bitch To Go

Top ranking officials chat before talks at Schloss Herrenhausen in Hanover

Oh, the winds of change! 

This photo was taken only months ago. In the meantime, the Gay Mulatto has seen his legacy destroyed and his backside all but kicked in the dustbin of history; the smug Englishman was unceremoniously told to resign after the Country told him what they think of him; the Italian bimbominchia  (a nickname that will remain attached to him; I will avoid the translation…) received a suppository that makes Brexit seem worthy of a recount, and forced him to go (70% vote attendance, 60% against him; basically a televised rape). The last one, the insignificant chap you see ignored even by his own peers in the photo, has decided that he will admit defeat before he is even defeated.

Only one remains, the German Bitch, in Italy known under the affectionate nickname culona inchiavabile (I will not not translate that, either…). She has announced she will run again next year. I will say only this: make Germany great again!

What do the four mongrels have in common? They all have encouraged and steered the passing of legislation in favour of sexual perversion. It will now take a lot of time to reverse the damage they have done and, unless they and their accomplices repent, I am confident the Lord will find suitable pits in hell for them all. It will take time, but it can be done, and we just had a very impressive (multiple) demonstration of how fast things can change. 

We must work every day on the recovery of sanity, and hope that we will see the day when the damage done by the mongrels and their accomplices has been completely reversed. But the mongrels are all gone or about to go now, and this is enough consolation for the day. 








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