On Sowing And Reaping


Raped and murdered by one of the Afghan “Guests”. 


The case of the 19-years old German woman raped and murdered makes big waves again in Germany after a suspect was arrested. The suspect is a 17 years old Afghan who entered the Country illegally, then filed asylum request as “unaccompanied minor”. A precedent for violence the Police hushed up. The national (publicly owned) television refusing to report because the news is apparent only of “regional” relevance. As a Tweet in German says, the blood of this young woman is on Merkel’s hands. 

However, is it only on Merkel’s hands? I doubt it. 

I read from other sources that the victim was helping in one of those structures where young Afghan would-be rapists are able to select potential victims. I have also read she was the daughter of a EU functionary. None of this might be true, but it certainly is credible, as we have seen in several other cases that women were raped by the same mongrels they were “helping to integrate”.

Stupidity has a price. Individually as well as collectively.

Once again, we see what happens when the brains are switched off and feel-good feeling are the only thing that count. Sowing and reaping come to mind.

Keep going this way, Germany. Keep having your daughters raped and murdered. One day, you will recover sanity. 



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  1. May her souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. It is the nature of youth to be gullible. Grownups have a duty to protect.

  2. Scary Mundabor. My daughter is helping an Afghan family integrate in Tacoma, WA.

  3. AfD is still a small and young (founded in 2013) party, but will surely grow to federal importance in next year’s elections, hopefully winning a number of seats in the Bundestag. Let’s pray for Germany and other European countries (France, Netherlands, Czech Republic are others I remember now) which will have elections next year, so that most people make a good decision, as people did in the US.

    • I hope so. But I fear the German innate respect for the Obrigkeit of all sorts, and the desire to be good girls and do what they are told.
      Some are awakening. How many is the question.

  4. I was gutted when I heard this news. Children paying for the crimes of their parents is how I would describe it.

  5. I heard- not sure it’s true- parents were raising $ for migrants at the daughter’s funeral…?
    Really sad. What a beautiful young woman….
    Western civilization is marching to the cliffs like lemmings. While the mass suicide of lemmings is a myth perpetrated by Disney, Europe and the west isn’t. It defies the instinct for survival…….

  6. It’s not rape if you consent. I do not know about this woman, but Germany has certainly consented to her rape and murder and deserves any punishment God will see fit to deliver. And as the history of Sodom serves to attest, God’s punishments are effective in the highest degree. I doubt Germany will pass the test of mercy that Sodom failed.

    I am ashamed of my country. Our reaction to seeing our daughters raped and murdered by foreign invaders is to double down on importing more. It is not just Merkel and her government; she will be easily re-elected, remaining popular enough with most voters. But not even the AfD demands the deportation of illegal immigrants currently here. They merely want to reduce the numbers of new immigrants to pre-2015 levels and make sure they come here legally through an orderly system that registers who they are (or at least claim to be…)

    Basically, the leadership of the AfD is like the Romney wing of the Republican party: They want lots of immigrants to drive down wages, but they are okay with some restrictions for reasons of national security, and they want the illegals to “come out of the shadows” for the government to register them and give them work permits and eventually citizenship. They also want them to learn German and not wear Burkas (though other forms of islamic veiling are acceptable). But in the eyes of the German media and most of the population, this stance is identical to Nazism.

  7. This is a difficult and complicated topic that I have been following intensely since before Pegida even started (which also means the reply will be longer than you tend to like…)

    First of all, there are a lot of groups using that name by now. If we are talking about the original Pegida responsible for the peaceful demonstrations in Dresden and some other cities, I see them very positively, though Bachmann has a nasty tendency to get personal with his internal critics, which has led to the original group fracturing.

    Their success has led to completely independent groups springing up all over Germany, all of which use the name Pegida in some form or variation. By now there have to be literally hundreds of them, in almost all major cities. Some of them are loosely affiliated with the original Pegida (e.g. Legida in Leipzig), most are not recognized by the original Pegida at all (for various reasons). But while the original Pegida (and their loose affiliates) stands for a rather measured “civic nationalism”‘* that appeals to conservatives and rightists like myself (and many AfD base voters, even though the AfD leadership keeps their distance, for personal, tactical, but partly also ideological reasons), there are some much more radical groups among the independent ones, with possible ties to real neo-nazi organizations. So one should be careful what local group with a “Pegida-like” name one is dealing with. In many cases, the organizers of Pegida Dresden would not recognize them as part of Pegida at all.

    That said, without Pegida there probably would be no public resistance to Merkelism at all. They are out there every week, always intimidated and often attacked by radical leftists posing as “anti-fascist” even though their intimidation tactics are indistinguishable from the SA before 1933. But they persevere. They are real patriots and good people; some of the best we still have – and from someone as habitually negative and pessimistic as myself, that is high praise indeed.

    What Pegida (and most AfD voters) want would have been described as utterly normal, self-evident and non-controversial by both Konrad Adenauer and SPD-leader Kurt Schumacher. The FDP might have preferred a more economically liberal tendency, such as the AfD leadership does today, but they would have found a lot of common ground, too. Basically, Pegida and the AfD are different aspects of what would have been called the politics of common sense fifty years ago.

    *by which I mean a nationalism that recognizes cultural, linguistic, ethnic and religious identities that have arisen throughout history, is proud of them and wants to preserve them, but does not have a theory of “racial superiority” or anything like it. Basically, common-sense patriotism, natural preference for one’s own. People being rooted in their culture, history and ethnic ancestry: Neither universalist, abstract “proposition nations” of “liberalism and human rights” nor universalist “race ideologies”.

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