Father Spadaro Goes All Out For Heresy


Pedro Berruguete: “Saint Dominic presiding over an auto da fe’ “


Father Spadaro (Jesuit, obsessive Twitter-maverick, and told to be “near to the Pope”), has officially proclaimed and promoted heresy. 

The quote is this one

When the concrete circumstances of a divorced and remarried couple make feasible a pathway of faith, they can be asked to take on the challenge of living in continence. Amoris Laetitia does not ignore the difficulty of this option, and leaves open the possibility of admission to the Sacrament of Reconciliation when this option is lacking.

“In other, more complex circumstances, and when it has not been possible to obtain a declaration of nullity, this option may not be practicable. But it still may be possible to undertake a path of discernment under the guidance of a pastor, which results in a recognition that, in a particular case, there are limitations which attenuate responsibility and guilt – particularly where a person believes they would fall into a worse error, and harm the children of the new union.

This is clearly an alternative religion. 

A religion in which Christ’s command “may be not practicable”. A religion in which it is always possible to define a “lesser evil” and prefer it to a “worse evil” that can be picked at pleasure. A religion in which the priest is made an accomplice (only for those, of course, who at that level of evil still decide they do need to talk to a priest) in the obdurate sin of the unfaithful.

No, this certainly isn’t Catholicism. It isn’t any form of Christianity, either. It’s the new religion of the adulterers, the communists, and the perverted. 

Father Spadaro is either possessed, or perverted himself, or extremely evil. There is no way a sane Catholic with a shred of fear of the Lord remaining in him, and who certainly knows better, would ever go on record with the words above unless Satan had taken, in one way or other, complete control over him.

In Christian times, people like this one were burnt at the stake. With Catholic saints painted (centuries later) as present and presiding over the proceedings as in the painting above from Pedro Berruguete. The painting may be historically accurate, or not. I have no time or inclination to make a research. But it certainly shows how Catholic painters thought in Catholic times.

Pray for the soul of the poor bastard. 

Or wait for the retractation if the protests are loud enough. This is the way these people work. 



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  1. Please give us your estimate of the credible of this?
    –Putin recently raising the topic of Fatima with Pope Francis, and Francis Cardinal Ravasi quashing it with “contempt” :

    If credible, this needs to be more widely known; perhaps you could write a posting on it.

  2. ” the challenge of living in continence”

    Or, the challenge of living incontinence.

  3. I guess i dont see the problem. Isnt this what our holy father has been saying for at least two years?

    • Firstly it would be a problem anyway. Secondly, the Unholy Father tries not to be so blunt about it, at least until recently, and still hasn’t got the guts to proclaim it by answering the dubia.

  4. So many in my circle are riding the faux-mercy train of Bergoglio-ism and I am an outcast. Praying daily for the souls of friends and family and trying to remain cheerful and expectant. It will be sorted out in God’s good time. Praying for the four cardinals, and the “Dubia Brothers”, Bergoglio and Muller. (That appellation was noted in the comments section over at aka Catholic😊). Hope all here are having a blessed Advent. Prayers of gratitude going up for the gift of the Immaculate Conception making way for the Incarnate God.

  5. What he says is that people have no control over sex-drive. Living as a brother and sister is to these perverts unthinkable. By the way, since they introduce vulgar sex-ed in Catholic schools, since it would not occur to them to teach abstinence and the virtue of chastity, “living as brother and sister” looses its meaning, as JPIi used it, They are more likely to understand and promote incest (logical extension of sodomy) than Catholic marriage.

    I will never forget that despicable “father” Charamsa, a theologian from Rome, who came out as a sodomite just before the Synod, with a demand that his filth would be celebrated by the Church. He brought his sodomy partner to the press conference.

    Not only did he not show remorse and shame for braking his chastity vows (taken freely), he took it for granted that the Church would apologize, would bless his braking them, and would celebrate games involving genitalia and anuses. Bergoglians focus on genitalia and support the stupid, anti-God theses of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey, rather than God’s plan for humanity. Bergoglio with his latest comments of coprophagia leaves us no doubt about this sickening focus.

  6. This was already in AL, in footnote 293, where the Pope applied words of VATII about the difficulties of marital abstinence to, instead, the difficulties of abstinence for non-marital couples.

  7. Am I to understand that if your brand of Catholicism (or, as you would put it Catholicism) is in charge of society I would be burned at the stake for promulgating my heretical opinions?

    • If my brand of catholicism were in charge of society, you would be given ample warning (as the heretics of the past were given). Moreover, if my brand of Catholicims were in charge Catholicism would reign in the entire Country, and the “oh I much I love expressing my heresy” type like you would not be around at all. You, in fact, would not be around at all.
      Still, if you really insisted in losing souls by opening proclaiming heresy, yes: if my brand of catholicism were in charge, at some point you would pay your blasphemy and insolence with your life; because, if my brand of catholicism were in charge, there would be things (salvation of souls, and defence of Truth) far more important than my life, or yours.
      But I doubt you will understand it.
      Your God is, clearly, democracy, or freedom of expression.

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