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Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Francis And Coprophagia Again: What’s Wrong With This Man?


Coprophagia! Coprophagia! Coprophagia!


The leftist, perverted UK Independent has an article in which the Evil Clown talks about coprophagia again. 

First, note that with all the problems that afflict Christians, from persecution to the advance of sexual perversion, and himself (he should think about answering the Dubia) this cretin thinks that “fake news” (by now clearly the scapegoat of choice for every Clinton sore loser like him) are worthy of his and the world’s attention. 

Secondly, once again he has to evoke strange perversions and revolting images which, I am sorry to say, seem far more familiar to him than would be healthy in any man. 

This one is a Pope. He should thunder against homosexuality like countless faithful and saints have done before him, not hammer on strange perversions with which he seems rather obsessed. 

What’s wrong with Francis? Can he stay away from coprophagia for a while? Is it too much to ask?

Or is it so, that by talking about this kind of disgusting perversion he wants to “normalise” the perversion he “does not judge”, the one of the sodomites?

Not for the first time, I am led to think that if we were able to get inside the mind of this man we would be traumatised for life.

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