Francis And Coprophagia Again: What’s Wrong With This Man?


Coprophagia! Coprophagia! Coprophagia!


The leftist, perverted UK Independent has an article in which the Evil Clown talks about coprophagia again. 

First, note that with all the problems that afflict Christians, from persecution to the advance of sexual perversion, and himself (he should think about answering the Dubia) this cretin thinks that “fake news” (by now clearly the scapegoat of choice for every Clinton sore loser like him) are worthy of his and the world’s attention. 

Secondly, once again he has to evoke strange perversions and revolting images which, I am sorry to say, seem far more familiar to him than would be healthy in any man. 

This one is a Pope. He should thunder against homosexuality like countless faithful and saints have done before him, not hammer on strange perversions with which he seems rather obsessed. 

What’s wrong with Francis? Can he stay away from coprophagia for a while? Is it too much to ask?

Or is it so, that by talking about this kind of disgusting perversion he wants to “normalise” the perversion he “does not judge”, the one of the sodomites?

Not for the first time, I am led to think that if we were able to get inside the mind of this man we would be traumatised for life.


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  1. Such weird and revolting images come from the mouth of the Pope. He can’t seem to help himself. Perhaps he is under the sway of the devil.

  2. What’s wrong with him? Seeing his obsession with coprophagia, he may simply be full of shit.

  3. So he’s potty-mouthed like his hero Luther; no surprise there. But the earlier heretic at least had the excuse of living in a ruder age.

  4. I wonder if this is enough to have faithful Catholics who follow Francis no matter what he says or done, question where he is leading the Church.

  5. He assumes that all people have a leaning toward this disgusting thing.
    Prior to Bill Clinton’s despicable acts with a certain Monica, fewer people engaged in similar activities, than after they were publicized. What is good for our president, is good for me – said the ever more progressive and tolerant public.
    I am hoping it won’t be the same with this disgusting perversion. What is good for the Pope… Let’s hope not. Even people of the lowest common denominator have their lowest limits.
    I learned about this perversion from Jorge Bergoglio. I hear it is practised mainly by sodomites.

    • I doubt this particular perversion will ever take foot. We are talking serious, serious stuff here.
      Last time Francis talked about it, I also learned it occurs among homos. But this does not mean that it is something homos “choose to do” (like Bubba did). It means that they are so screwed up, that Satan has ravaged them to such a point that they become able of that, too.

  6. Super strange. I had to look the word up; I’ve never heard of such a thing! Yes, makes you wonder why it’s part of his lexicon.

  7. What a foul, uncouth and classless thing for anyone, let alone a pope of the Catholic Church, to say! Every day it’s something new with this man. I can’t help but wonder if in fact he is under some kind of demonic influence. I pray for him daily, but it just keeps getting harder and harder to do.

  8. Speaking of Russia, do you think the consecration happened? I go back and forth. The main argument people make against it (other than it wasn’t done to exact specifications) is that Russia still isn’t perfect. Conversion takes time and Russia is better than most of us at this point, so I’m not very convinced.

    • I do not think all the requirements have been met.
      This is why there was the famous meeting in 1959 or beginning of 1960, at which John XXIII decided to leave the matter to his successors.

  9. ilovevictoriasbows

    Catholic author, Randy Engel wrote an open letter to Poop Francis, November 10, 2013, after his first pubic pronouncement referencing coprophilia. It’s well worth the read but here’s the her main point of attack:
    “That a bishop should so glibly refer to such disgusting and perverted practices in a public interview clearly indicates to me that you are not unschooled in the ways and dangers of sexual perversion, and hence, have no real need for me to instruct you on the perversity of homosexual behaviors, nor on the grave necessity of combating the Homosexual Collective and other forces of organized perversion.”

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