Creepygate: Poop Francis Is In Real Trouble

And for dessert, I have a brilliant idea…

“Creepygate” may merely be Francis’ vulgarity number 3528, but it appears this time the patience of even the mainstream press is running shorter. One wonders why, seen that even the word “c@zz0”, an extremely vulgar expression, slipped as of nothing (thus betraying a long and constant habit) from the mouth of this boor failed to cause anything approaching discomfort.

What has changed now is that the Catholic world has become increasingly more tired of Francis’ provocations, and more and more people start to see him exactly in the way this little effort has described him for now very long: a lewd, ignorant, arrogant, frankly stupid wannabe South American dictator so much out of his depth that it is embarrassing for the Roman cats.

Plus, your garden variety Catholic journalist slowly but surely begins to smell the time in which everyone will be required to have anti-Francis credentials; because make no mistake: no matter how many people follow the Four Cardinals, if the latter officially censor him this papacy will go down in flames in a very, very spectacular manner. Therefore, it is now necessary for the professionals of mainstream Catholic writing to start distancing themselves from the failure of this pontificate, which is now assuming such proportions that it can be easily seen from Mars.

Your humble correspondent hopes to be able to say, one day, that most of the ‘I never liked the man’ people have needed an awfully long time to open their eyes; whilst others, like myself and many other traditionalist, rigorously non mainstream bloggers and writers have seen the fraud of this pontificate a long, long time ago.

Poop (see what I am doing here?) Francis is now in real trouble. The day he will resign in ignominy is, if still not probable, far less improbable than one year ago. The year of mercy has been unmerciful in exposing all the destructive heresy, blasphemy, ignorance, arrogance, incompetence and outright stupidity of this man and his pontificate.

My impression is that, in the years left to him, the man will have to eat an awful lot of that by which he seems so obsessed. He wanted to be the great innovator, but he will now have to battle every day to avoid being remembered as the great cretin. And as he is a cretin, he will do it in the wrong way, with more recriminations and insults and vulgarities, which will have the only effect of causing him to dig himself into a bigger hole.

I still think the foul tomatoes wouldn’t be a sin, though. It’s not really physical violence. Merely defence of orthodoxy.

Poop Francis is in real trouble now.

And not even a Fidel around to be asked for help.


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  1. He seems to have an odd twinkle in his eye I never noticed before.

  2. I started out liking this pope a lot and gradually came to despise him for his twisted political stances that are hugely damaging to white Christians. It’s almost as if he’s a covert operative for the enemies of Christianity.

  3. Much of what comes out of his mouth is verbal poop.

  4. Oh my, if that nickname catches on even a little bit, his transition from lion to laughingstock will be inescapable even to the Silly Father himself.

  5. You are so correct, for the first time I am genuinely sorry for the man. We must pray for him.

  6. I’d like to think he’s done or well on his way to being done, but like any good dictator it’s unlikely that if he’s censored or even deposed he’s simply not going to just pack his bags. Dictators are typically overthrown via violence, same way they usually gain the position, and far be it from the Swiss Guard to actually throw him in the Tiber.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    The Hand of God may be the only way.

    • At this point I would say most likely scenarios are: 1) he retracts through orthodox answer to the Dubia, and loses face. 2) he does not retract, is condemned by some Cardinals and Bishops, his papacy is destroyed, but he dies without being deposed.

  7. The clown must NOT be allowed to resign. That would allow his confederates to construct the sort of “stabbed-in-the-back” narrative that hitler was able to use. He MUST fall from his seat through self-deposition following a warning to repent. I know Hilary White calls on him to repent every day. The least the rest of us could do is tweet the 3 words, ‘Answer the questions’

    • If he decides to resign, there’s no way anyone can prevent it.
      Personally, after he has resigned I’d be happy to hand him the ticket to Argentina (or Cuba) myself.

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