#MAGA Sunday: Feminist Cringe Compilation!

The extremely obese human being of (probably) female sex at the start of this video has already been hosted on this little effort. It was cringe worthy, but very funny.

Now, others are trying to steal her crown.

Personally, I think the woman in the car crying “rape” gets the biscuit; but I must admit that the “stalking postman” act was a tough one to beat.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Save a prayer, and a laugh, for these poor deluded people.

Eight years of hell await them.



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  1. Imagine – When those genderists and feminists and queers and androgynous and such, all those occupiers of all those gender studies departments, who successfully took over all the institutions in the West, including all levels of the so called education system, starting, of course, in kindergarten or daycare, get everyone to comply with their hate of the natural order (yes, women are on average better caregivers than men, as result of biology, not cultural conditioning), what we see in this compilation will be the norm, in its mild form. What kind of man (if manhood is not completely “educated” out of beings with male genitalia also known as broken girls in need in fixing) will want to start a family in this brave new world we see on the horizon? If you don’t have a uterus, keep your mouth shut! These ugly beings see themselves most competent to control everyone. There is one thing only they seem unable to control – the urge to engage in activities, which inevitably turn them into advocates of baby killing. Hm…

  2. It’s hard to believe there is that level of anger in these young women. Demonic? How do you get that pissed off with men, and with everyone in general, at such a young age?

    As for the poor postman! That was like a Monty Python sketch. He was also as polite as he could be! Thank God for you gentlemen out there.

  3. Poster-smashing f-word-yelling person:
    She was surely raised by TV, and pagan teachers/parents. By the little label on her shirt, she’s probably going to work at Burger King, home of the rainbow burger. There but for the grace of God go I.

    • Would love to visit her eating establishment with a “Make America Great Again” hat, open carrying, and with a Confederate flag t-shirt.

      “No mam, no large portion. It makes you fat, you know…”.


  4. I’m thinking in charity it is not appropriate to share this video. It takes fortitude to stand in the face of hormonal rage. if you think of all the women who have been lied to about abortion, who have had their chemistry altered by abortifaceints (baby killing pills). I think the only Catholic Male response to the madness is “I am sorry the culture has done this to you”,

  5. I think the water buffalo keeps her crown, although the shrill young thing in the car is a close runner-up. That patient policeman would have made everyone’s day with a taser. Seriously, I think all of these angry gals are mentally ill. Maybe that’s synonymous with feminism. I’m embarrassed that they are American. Aren’t the English women a little more restrained and less aggressive than this?

    • Yes, they are.
      The kind of attitude you see in the video would be a freak show in Europe. In the US, it seem they deem it good to post it on YouTube.

    • Funny by the set of teeth on her, i thought for sure the burger queen was british. – how’s that for piling on mundabor? Nobody should have to “answer to’ youtube or other gossip,

    • In England a female as fat as that would walk along the walls hoping no one notices her. And no, it is very fine to shame her on youtube. Be an idiot, pay the price.

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