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Against The Unholy Spirit

How can you doubt the spirit is surprising me?



We read already – and we will even more if the SHTF – Bishops, Cardinals and journalists criticising Catholics because they refuse to “follow the spirit”, who has allegedly “spoken”. Let us explain shortly why this is blasphemous rubbish.

The Holy Ghost is Holy, and He is God. If a hypothetical holy spirit were holy now in a different way from yesterday, either he would not be holy now, or he would not be holy yesterday. In both cases, he would be a fraud.

Perfection cannot change. Truth cannot change. This is something a child of eight can grasp, and many bishops and journalists apparently can't.

This reasoning is, mind, never applied to the past. Why do these bishops and journalists not say to us that all the heretical Popes of the past were right? Was it not so, that a Pope “chosen by the Spirit” was leading the faithful towards some “surprises?” If the “God of Surprises” can “surprise” us now, why not then? If what is at variance with Truth was heretical then, why not now?

“Oh, but it's Vatican II, you know”…

More poppycock. Why can God only surprise you with an ecumenical council, and not with a “spirit-led” Pope? Why would God start V II and hide from you for fifty and more years that truth has radically changed, until an ass of an Argentinian becomes Pope and w all know the new truth between talks about coprophagia and coprophilia? Who is anyone to say which surprises are valid and which aren't? Why has the Spirit lied to JP II (canonised by the same Argentinian ass) and waited until today to “surprise” us?

And more in general, where does this mentality lead us? If one thinks that the concept of good and bad, saintliness and sin can be radically changed, why criticise those who embraced Nazism and the Holocaust? Were they not stating, just like those bishops and journalists, that a new, God-willed (“Gott mit us!”) moral order is now in place, and he who does not follow it is an evil man and an enemy of the newly minted true religion?

The most shocking thing is that such rubbish does not come (solely) from Proddies, who have accustomed themselves to an image of God as capricious as Madonna (the aging whore, not the Blessed Virgin) a long time ago. No, it comes from people who should know better from either the tenderest age, or from their conversion at the latest. That they dare to call themselves Catholics tells you about the extent to which Satan has penetrated their dark hearts.

And this is so stupid, so unbearably stupid. It's like promoting the virtues of meth. Only the addicts are going to approve of you. Normal people will understand you are selling death.

Catholics know better than to follow such satanical blabber, and everyone who tells you that he believes in the “God of surprises” is obviously rotten to the core, a sin junkie looking for his next fix.

Pray for them , and do not follow them and their unholy spirit.





Coventry Carol

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